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Attractive sexual woman with laptop on red sofa  look at you

Flirting without actually making contact!

A girl asking a man out raises quite a few eyebrows in our society. Women too avoid it as they ...

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scared girl

The little mistakes that scare girls off on your dates

The first few dates are very crucial to laying the foundation of a relationship. However, right after the first date ...

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It’s Worth the Fight

It’s Worth the Fight: Arguments make for stronger relationships

Family counsellors and old couples will unanimously agree that arguments are part of being in a relationship and can hardly ...

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relationship argue

Stupid topics people in a relationship argue about

Two people fall in love with each other, start spending some time together and find each other to be nearly ...

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get over a breakup

Positive mindsets that can help you get over a breakup

The truth is that a breakup is never good. It is hard, it is painful and it shatters you temporarily. ...

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Winter date ideas

Winter date ideas you will love

Just as the seasons change, your dating preferences also do. Going out on long walks and spending entire day at ...

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Portrait of a young woman gets earful from her husband against w

Tell tale signs of an abusive man in a relationship

Domestic violence is not the only type of abuse, as there are other forms of abuse like emotional abuse and ...

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Woman strangling man

Infidelity is not necessarily the end of a relationship

Out of many things and instances, affairs are the ones wherein one-size-fits-all theory does not work. Especially when it comes ...

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Love myths debunked

Except for the times when you are depressed in love and love myths work wonders to pacify you, they appear ...

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Learning to fight fair

Learning to fight fair with your partner

Believing a couple who says they never fight is like believing a thing that is too good to be true. ...

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It’s about time: Signs that say you need a girlfriend

Many males have gotten the wrong idea about relationships and commitments, and TV and other forms of media are to ...

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fruitful and lasting relationship

Things you can do for a fruitful and lasting relationship

Being in a love relationship is beautiful, but being in a meaningful and a lasting love relationship is blissful. A ...

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