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How to deal with lazy people

While you are finding it difficult to manage your responsibilities within the limited 24 hours of a day, there is a group of people who have endless excuses to lounge all day long, and do productively nothing more than raid the food supply and do small-talk, and hope to rule the world one day from their couch. They are the freeloaders and the lazy people you would be tempted to throw out often but here are ways you can learn to deal with them better.

Do not feel tempted to clean up after them

Stay more focused on your own missions rather than feel tempted to jump and rescue your lazy friend/colleague/ family member and keep doing their jobs for them. This way they will not realize the pressure they are creating for you. Moreover, they will tend to be lazier and more relaxed, as they know you would finish the jobs for them anyway. The added stress and frustration will also cause you to fail on your own jobs and create a bigger confusion. Furthermore, if others are trying to cover up for him/her, rationalize it clearly how by doing so they are calling for worse times than any good for the lazy person in question here. Leave the lazy people to their jobs and wait for them to realize that it has to be accomplished by him alone and no body else. In all conditions, make it clear by purpose or verbal statements that neither you nor someone else will be doing the jobs earmarked for him/her.

Complimenting rather than criticizing works best

Lazy people are never going to be stimulated out of their laziness by criticism alone. You need to think more resourcefully by actually appreciating all the small things he/she does at any point of time. Boosting their morale by appreciations and compliments will help them. Criticizing and getting into brawls over unfinished and delayed jobs will lead to discouragement, bad morale and open defiance from the accused person.

Patience followed by a confronting talk helps

Patience is the key to make the situation work positively and end up with better results. Quarrelling or confronting violently will only push them away further and make them more stubborn. Moreover, try to convince him/her to come out of the phase by being very firm but patient. Under any circumstance, do not provoke them into any sort of aggressive brawls. To try and get them to talk about the situation can also get tricky so try and be respectful and polite throughout, and avoid getting emotional or heated. However, make sure that you sound positive, helpful in the discussion, and not argumentative. Tell them they need to pull themselves up and feel more responsible towards themselves and their families. This might also open a communication platform that might not only help him/her confront his issues but also confront other problems which is causing him/her to act in such a manner. Furthermore, the person might also get a clear picture of the whole mess he/she is indulging in and try to rectify the situation.

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