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Healthy Relationships: 10 Ways To Have A Great Relationship

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Healthy Relationships: 10 Ways To Have A Great Relationship

Like anything worth having, a healthy relationship isn’t easy. They reflect everything we feel inside and we project our internal emotions onto the other person constantly. Self awareness becomes a necessity to help us understand the impact we are having on the other person and by improving this, our quality of life is improved.

By applying these thoughts, I feel confident and I have a bigger ability to give in my relationship and I hope it does the same for you.

1. Honesty, Honesty, Honesty

healthy relationshipThis isn’t necessarily as black and white as it may seem. Honesty is about being sincere with your partner when it comes to what you want out of a relationship and how you are feeling at any moment.

The term ‘being yourself’ is often misused and in a relationship, you have to learn to become 100% authentic. This is the only way you will create the environment you both need.

Honesty in a relationship is an obvious requirement. Giving your partner the same courtesy you would expect is very important. Respecting yourself enough to respect your partner is what it’s about.

2. Think About What You Can Give

Being in a committed relationship should mean that you are always thinking about what you can give your partner.

Making the decision to always be thinking about what you can give instead of what you can take, will nourish the relationship and it will become a source of energy for the both of you.

The famous JFK quote could have said; ‘ask not what your relationship can do for you, but what you can do for your relationship’.

3. Make Yourself Vulnerable

Being out of your comfort zone is never easy but this is the only area of growth we have. In a relationship, this can be a time when you express how you feel, give an honest account of your past or when you admit you made a mistake.

You are opening yourself up to criticism. This vulnerability is letting go and being authentic.

Allowing your true emotions to come out, and allowing someone else to do the same is what a true relationship is about.

4. Take The Blame First

When a problem or conflict occurs, as is inevitable to happen, look at yourself as the cause of the issue first. It goes without saying that you should act with compassion and understanding but as well as that, ask yourself if this is something that you created and how you could have avoided this situation.

It’s easy to blame the other person, but being in a relationship is about holding yourself accountable and being honest. See yourself as the cause of the problem first and solve it.

This thought process will make you look for any underlying issues and stop you blaming others when you should be looking at yourself first.

5. Be There

Spending time with your partner means being in the moment and present with them. It doesn’t mean texting, answering the phone to talk to your friends, or being distracted with what you have going on at work.

All of these can wait.

When you are in their presence, appreciate and respect it. Listen deeply. Close off the rest of the world. Look into their eyes. Be together and not just around each other.

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Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi
  • I totally agree with the post. You nailed it.

  • I agree with Shareen, you gave excellent advice. To answer your ending question, I tell my spouse “I adore you” instead of saying the over-used/over-rated word, “love”. It worked like a charm, we’ve been together 13 years now. I do say I love you but it means more when I use “adore”. Good post thanks for sharring it.

  • What great suggestions, and all right on! I am currently in the love of my life, and it is because of all of the suggestions that you listed here. Love is magical, especially when we are vulnerable and truly ourselves! Thanks!

  • I couldn’t have said it better myself! I have often talked about about most of these things with my partner. The current annoyance? #5 I have often said that his phone and video game systems may just happen to go missing…

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  • Great post 🙂 my boyfriend and I have been together for over ten years now, and I think being able to be ourselves, be honest and having time together are the most important things. Very well written 🙂

  • You have made several good points here. I think an additional key element to a healthy relationship is acceptance. I’ve learned the very hard way you can’t change another person to be what you think they should be. Learning to accept my love the way he is and love him for who he is right now has made our relationship even more intimate and safe. We are able to be ourselves without fear of judgement.

  • I think people really underestimate the power of surprises! I think surprising your significant with something small speaks more than people realize.

  • Reblogged this on LA Single Gal and commented:
    I couldn’t put this better myself.

  • I’m a list maker as well! I live by my lists! 🙂 Great blog! Look forward to following you!

  • Honest and fun are the essence of a good relationship.

  • Most people don’t know how important the “take the blame first” rule is. We so many times are very quick to see what others do wrong. But real change comes when we can honestly look at what we do wrong. This opens the door for us to change, but also gives our partner that same freedom.

  • This is truly the essence of love. Sometimes relationships need a refresher in these simple fundamentals. Love this!

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