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10 Best TV Shows You Have To Watch

Best TV Shows To Watch All At Once

What Are The Best TV Shows To Watch All At Once?

The way we watch television has completely changed. With Netflix, Amazon TV, and all other TV on demand services, we don’t have to wait a week before we get to catch the next episode of our favorite shows. Streaming the best TV shows online is already a popular way to watch TV and now, with the success of House of Cards, will there be more web-only commissions too?

This list is intended for shows that can be watched all at once, although some are 6 seasons or more, we don’t think its appropriate to recommend you do that. Instead, consume each season in the smallest time frame possible for the maximum effect.

These shows were not chosen purely for their entertainment value but also for their social commentaries and critiques of human morality.

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Without any more ado, here are the 10 Best TV Shows You Have To Watch All At Once (without spoilers). Enjoy!

1. The Wire

The multi award winning TV series produces some of the most real and authentic accounts of police and gangland crime there has ever been. After one episode, you’ll be hooked (there are 5 seasons, all must watch). Unpredictable, complicated and deep, The Wire doesn’t resolve every episode in a neat little packet and as in life, there are rarely any easy, clear resolutions at the end.
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2. Sopranos

If you’ve never watched this show, you’re in for a treat. Yes, there is violence and nudity, but it is never gratuitous and is needed to contrast Tony Soprano, the thinking man’s gangster, with the reality of the life he has been born to. The Sopranos is an all time classic, born out of the Godfather generation, which makes it one of the best TV shows of all time.

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 3. Mad Men

Where do I start with Mad Men? Apart from being one of the most intelligent, well acted, well written TV dramas out there, it also has incredible visuals to support its mid-20th-century America setting. Based around the lives of ad agency executives, Mad Men is incredibly stylish and deep, and it’ll will make you watch every single episode, back to back. All 5 seasons of them (for now – Season 6 premiers April 7th 2013).

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 4. House Of Cards

An intimate look into the lives of those in power in the White House and Capitol Hill, House of Cards gives a portrayal of those seeking to gain, or seeking to stay in power. All the acting is top standard and a fleet of veterans are on hand to insure that, led by Kevin Spacey. Although its a relatively new show, it fully deserves its spot on this list.

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5. Game Of Thrones

You may be wondering what this fantasy sags is doing on a list of TV shows for men. But Game Of Thrones has been described as ‘The Sopranos in Middle-Earth’ and this sums it up very nicely. A great cast mixed with stunning visuals makes this show an addictive experience for both fantasy and drama fans alike.

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