Love and Sex Guide

couple in love relatioship (3)

Facts everybody having a love and sex life should know

Everybody has their own love and a sex life, but still one is always curious to know about other’s love ...

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Young couple making love in bed

Why married sex can be exciting

As opposed to what many individuals, especially unmarried ones, would like to believe, married sex can be fantastic. It has ...

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sex addict

Seven signs you’re dating a sex addict

Addiction acquires and exhibits various forms. The most popular forms are those linked to food, sex and drugs. All addictions, ...

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Sex could create a false impression of love

For two individuals who are in love with each other, security in their relationship is fortified by that connection with ...

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Love Guide

break up in couple

Rekindling the love after a breakup

One sure thing about breakup is the hurt and pain one goes through. Spending so many years together and then ...

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ex friends dating

No, being friends with your ex is not a good idea

Break ups happen in relationships, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. Each partner takes a certain amount of time ...

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right time to say - I Love you

You know when it is the right time to say “I Love you”

The three little words, “I Love you” are simply magical. We say these words to ones whom we love, and ...

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Couple at cafe table, woman kissing man's hand

How do you Know it is True Love?

You are in Love Once it happens, you are sometimes therefore psyched that you simply do not even mind after ...

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Love and Relationships Guide

commitment phobic partner

Reading the signs to see if your partner is commitment phobic

You are seeing a guy for quite some time, and everything seems quite fairytale like. He takes you out on ...

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love at first sight

Signals that should make you see red in love at first sight

We human beings have become accustomed to today’s fast-paced culture, which has taught us to live a life wherein everything ...

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flying high

Relationship habits that urban legend considers wrong, logic finds right

Many couples keep worrying about their and their partner’s behavior and keep evaluating whether their relationship is normal or not. ...

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arguing couple

Pitfalls that make your beautiful love relationship a miserable one

Relationships are of two types, the winning relationships and the miserable relationships. The traits of both the partners make a ...

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Comparisons are a deadly poison (2)

Comparisons are a deadly poison for your relationship

Comparison, a word with which we humans relate really well. It is something we all do at one or the ...

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happy couple (1)

Qualities that define a person who is ‘motivated to marry’

We fall in love with an opposite sex, start a relationship, some turn out successful while the others end in ...

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breakup (2)

How to make him regret breaking up with you

A break up with your ex depends upon many factors and the after effects of a break up depend upon ...

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fighting couple

Skills that help stop a fight in love before it starts

Be it a small fight in a relationship or a war between two nations, both have almost the same reason ...

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Teenage Love Guide

teenage relationship

Should parents limit teen relationships

Teenage is a very enjoyable, joyous, and a conflicted age. It is joyous and enjoyable, as many things happen to ...

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couple in love relatioship (4)

Tips to make a platonic relationship work

Can a girl and boy be just friends? This one question comes in the mind of many people and often ...

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teenage love_1

Having a solid, committed relationship as a teenager

Weather teenagers can have serious relationships is a highly debated topic and as a result, some people believe that yes ...

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couple break heart

How to Handle a Teenage Breakup

Teenage is indeed one of the most critical stages in one’s life. A teenager is over sensitive, innocent, immature, and ...

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