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How to deal with crank mails

How to deal with crank mails

As internet is growing its roots deeper, it is bearing fruitful results. Emails have become one popular source for getting in touch with your friends and family. Even the corporate word is highly reliable on mails as they are able to operate and handle their business with ease. Companies, which are looking for promotion, take the option of emails, as this way they are able to enhance their reach of customers. A person might not check their cell phones as frequently as they check their emails. Along with all the benefits, some disadvantages follow pursuit, which has shown some losses to people who got in the trap of those disadvantages.

It is the crank mails which have come up and it is a sort of email hacking or fraud which is done by hackers or fraudsters who are willing to dupe people of their money. Having knowledge about them would save you in getting into the trap of any such online fraud. As use of emails is increasing at a rapid pace, hackers are getting more and more active to take use of novice users online to get their financial details and dupe them of their money. Although, cyber crime department is taking various measures and methods to prevent these crimes, it is your responsibility to know about frauds through mails to be safe and secure online.

The types of crank mails

It is important to know the types of crank mails so that you can stay safe and keep away from fraudsters and hackers. Below mentioned is a list of crank mails, which is mostly used by frauds and hackers to reach your financial data.

Advanced techniques: Some of the fraudsters are experts in designing fake web portals, which offer lucrative offers to attract people. After seeing these offers, people who are online shopaholics get into their trap and use the shopping portals. Fraudsters wait for this opportunity, as they are able to get the credit card details and use it further to bankrupt the users.

Sweepstake: This has become one of the most common methods of crank mails. A mail is being sent from different email ids to people informing them that they have won millions of dollars and they have to disclose their credit card details. Neophytes easily are lured to these offers, disclose their credit card details, after which they are duped of their money.

Cloning: This is a method, which is taken into use for sending hoax mails. A person might hack into your email id after which they can send lunatic mails to every single person on your address list. Even if the hackers or fraudsters are unable to get into your mail account, they can clone a new email id on your name and send irrelevant mails from that id for which you will be held liable.

Cracking firewall: It is a most advanced form of sending crank mails. A hacker selects a random IP address and gets into the firewall of it. After this process, every detail on your computer including your mail id is hacked and is used for illegal purpose.

Method for stopping and dealing with crank mails

With advancement of technology, various methods are taken into use for sending crank mails. As these mails are taking a toll, methods of eradicating this problem is also taken into use. Below mentioned is a list of methods and techniques, which you can take into use for dealing with fake or crank mails.

Proper Understanding: Internet and mailing is fun to use, but you ought to have proper information about it so that you are not trapped in the grip of a crank mail. Remember, when you are browsing interne or your mail, make sure that you are browsing on secured web portals. Browsing on secured web portals is the best and easiest method, which you can adopt to deal with crank mails. One major benefit, which you can derive from it, is that, whatever data you will be inputting will be sent in the encrypted form, which makes it safe while browsing and the hacker will not be able to contact and send you crank mails.

Read the mail: If you are getting these mails for the first time, then it is important that you read the mail completely. A thorough analysis of the mail will help you understand that it is a crank mail, which you have received. Best point to keep in mind for knowing if it is a crank mail or not is that, the mail will be only addressed to you.

Check for authenticity: For those who are receiving these mails for the first time, always check it for authentication. You can look for the sender on search engines after which you can get details, which can prove that if the sender is genuine or fake.

Refer the mail: Always take suggestions from your friends and colleagues about such mails. If they have also received such crank mails, then they will be able to suggest you the best possible method to deal with those eccentric mails.

Secured Password: It is important that you keep a strong password for your mail account so that it is not easy to track. Mostly, your colleagues or your ex- boyfriends and girlfriends can open your email id and use it for various heinous purposes. Make your account safe by selecting the correct setting.

Evade lucrative mails: Hackers try to avail information by sending in lucrative mails, try to avoid those, as it is a trap of getting your financial information. You are not lucky enough to win 100 million dollars in a sweepstake.

Delete them: Best method for dealing with such crank mails is to delete them from your inbox. This is the best thing, which you can do. Put that sender in your blocked list so that they cannot bother you by sending such mails repeatedly.



Additional pointers

Avoiding such mails would be best and perfect method to deal with them. Deleting them at an instance is the best thing, which you can do, as it will surely de-motivate the hackers because they will lose a prey.

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