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How to deal with a fight in a relationship

It is normal to fight in a relationship even if you are much in love. It is an established truth that when you are in a relationship, you fight. Yet, fighting always is not something that is very healthy and it can be quite detrimental to a long term relationship. We tend to have our own qualms about certain things and about certain issues in our love life. It is best for couples to avoid major fights although small tiffs and making up after that adds to spicing up a romance. Here are some tips to deal with a fight in a relationship.

Try to control your mood and temperament

If you are the kind of person who just cannot control your temper when you get angry and lash out every other garbage that comes to your mind, you should try and hold your temper. You must try to find out what makes your temper fly and talk it over with your mate when you are more or less settled down with your mood and temperament. This helps because the more uptight you are, in such cases, the more the problem grows inside. You surely must mend your behavior till it gets too late.

Try to get rid of abusive body language

If you are the type of person that lets small things to grow in you till it becomes unbearable, you are in for some grave problem. With your monosyllabic nuances and body language you can worsen the condition. It is unhelathy to keep all the issues hidden under the carpet till one day they are thrown out with a bang. Never stop communication and stop holding grudges. Hugs and kind words are the best way to deal with this problem.

Try to solve the issues as and when they happen

If you are a nagging partner or the raking cow, that’s overtly harmful in a relationship. Sometimes your past hurts are brought out and you tend to fling them across the face of your partner. And he also flings them back. Now that is an unpleasant situation that can be avoided surely by solving issues as and when they happen. Snowballing issues after they have accumulated over a good period of time is even more harmful.

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Dr Prem Jagyasi

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