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It is natural for a woman to get crazy at times. It directly or indirectly depends on the situation she may be in. Crazy wives' tales are seemingly old. There is nothing very new about it. Every husband or a man needs to know the ways to deal with them th

How to deal with a crazy wife

It is natural for a woman to get crazy at times. It directly or indirectly depends on the situation she may be in. Crazy wives’ tales are seemingly old. There is nothing very new about it. Every husband or a man needs to know the ways to deal with them though. So, let’s read on to know some ways to deal with a crazy wife.

A tolerant spirit will help a lot

No matter what breaks loose, do not lose your temper. Be calm and tolerant with every matter connected with your crazy wife. Your wife may go out of her way to irritate you or she could turn to be violent, but just be composed and stay calm. Even when her goal is to get you to lose your composure, you need to understand that it is going to be alright soon and not to reciprocate to her actions. Self-control would be quintessential, while dealing with such people.

Toleration pays off, but it certainly takes time. Sometimes the situation would speak on your behalf. It may even help you solve too many misconceived ideas surrounding you and your wife. All said and done, the right thing would happen at the right time. So, try not to lose your temper over your crazy wife. Agree with her and try to tune in, to close the missing link.


Bridging the relationship with harmony

Life is certainly full of surprises and roller coaster rides. It isn’t perfect without the fights and patches. Try to work on bringing harmony into your relationship with your wife, no matter how crazy she may appear to be. It may sound a little harder, but it is never impossible.

Make an attempt and a constant effort to build a harmonious relationship between you and her.

The objective here has to be to attain peace and not enmity. Build trust in your relationship with her and avoid every loop that hinders her trust in you. Have an open door for communication and solutions. Work out a way where both of you can achieve workable results which will be applicable for both of you.

Most of the time, your agendas may never match. Even so, look at linking your actions with harmony to achieve any common goal.


Discern your wife’s seasons and emotions

Every woman has her time and her seasons to deal with. Allow and help her release her emotions. It could be anger, hatred, sorrow, bitterness and so on. The mood swings may vary or change depending on the situations that she is in. She could be too overprotective and very defensive at the same time. But, understand that she is still beautiful and good with all those swings attached to her.

Emotions play a prominent role too. However in this regard, not everything that your wife says is meant to be taken personally. Discern the needs that she has and then pay attention to those things which are worthwhile. Try to be balanced even when there is an attack aimed intentionally at you. Somethings just don’t change. You’ve got to get along with the wind, by adjusting your sails.

Give some space to let her be what she is wanting to be, with care and concern. In some cases if she has a mental condition or a challenge, be watchful and do not take what she says or exhibits, personally.

Identify the insecure loops and deal with them

Her negative or irritating attitude towards you could have stemmed from her horrible feeling of insecurity about something or someone. Feeling of insecurity could also lead to hostile, irrational, irate attitude towards people. Though she suffers this all by herself, she tries to express it quite subtly on you. She may try to pick her battles due to her insecure thoughts or feelings. You will never know why she is behaving so indifferently about certain matters.

She may be expecting to see if you still care for her. She would constantly ask you to do things and communicate with her.

So you’ve got to locate her areas of insecurity and deal with them first. If there are issues related to complicated situations, then you may have to talk about it, seek for guidance from a relationship expert and then work at it. Ignorance could deepen the hurt and weaken your existing relationship with one another. Make a move and make a difference. Take time to pray for her when she’s low and down with such attacks. Things may get better.

Understand and communicate

The first thing we need to understand is that women are also human, just like men. Their ways of dealing with relationships are very different and unique when compared to men. Communicate your thoughts and your views with her. Be clear in making a point and listen to her. Ask her what is wrong. Some things surely would bug her about you. Try not to be resistant about what she brings to the table. The idea is that she wants to talk about their feelings and expect you to understand how they’re feeling.

You’ve got to be mentally prepared for some challenges. She could be depressed for some valid reason or she must have lost her job opportunity. It all happens. Try not to offer her suggestions or advice unless she really needs it or asks for it. Speak the truth and communicate peacefully.

Find out what is bothering her and if it is about you, then encourage her to point out the difference. By understanding and communicating, you are proving her that you care about her.

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