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7 Side effects of Endura Mass

Body weight has been an issue which has been troubling people since ages. While people with a high body weight are called obese, people with low body weights are often called immature; because it is always about the right amount at the right places and in right proportions. So, the 21st century people try weight supplements to yield a faster and better result. One of them is Endura Mass; a weight gain supplement. As they have high hopes of resembling their favorite icons in the mirror, they tend to ignore the hard fact that they too offer harmful side effects. Read on to know about some of the common side effects of Endura Mass.

Damage to muscle tissues

The makers of Endura Mass may present their product as a “fairy’s wand” as if it can achieve all the targets it showcases, but the truth is totally opposite. It is rich in table sugars and corn syrup. Though it promises to have minimal side effects, still it damages muscles to a large extent. It is filled with hyper glycemic carbohydrates which cause radical damage to muscle tissues. This effect is long lasting as it does not allow the users to build good muscles for a long time and is only responsible for fat gain.

Long term usage may be dangerous

Contrary to popular belief, this product may contain traces of steroid which may be dangerous to people. The effects may vary from person to person. As reported by some users, the steroid it contains may be useful to increase one’s brawn but it fails to increase one’s strength. Long term use of such weight gainers may decrease one’s bone density. If this supplement is not taken under medical supervision, it may prove to be harmful. Also people should do a proper market research before zeroing on this particular product. So, weight gaining aspirers should think before they take this final decision. Unnecessary weight gain from long term use may be battled by complementing one’s diet with fiber rich foods such as oat meal, lentil, fruits. Exercises can also help.

Women woes

Dosage of this supplement varies according to ones B.M.I (Body mass ratio). As a result, the dosage varies from person to person. So, if not taken under medical supervision, it may have dangerous side effects, particularly some nasty ones if the user is a woman. Some of the side effects as reported by users are increase in growth of body hair as well as facial hair. As a result, some of their precious time is spent taking appointments in salons for removal of facial hair. Deepening of voice is also witnessed in some patients. Using this product may also interfere with one’s menstrual cycle. It may also cause unnecessary damage to the ovary.

Hormonal imbalance

Using this product without the guidance of a medical supervisor may cause hormonal imbalance as reported by some of the users. This particular product interferes with the hormonal system of both men and women. As reported by users, it contains traces of steroids which mimic the male hormone testosterone. As known by many, testosterone is one such hormone which induces maleness. Interfering with this hormone may cause a number of harmful effects in men like development of male breasts, premature ejaculation, lack of sexual drive and so on. Thus, people who are sexually active must consult their physician before they invest in this particular product as the effects may result in unnecessary unhappiness in their lives.

Depression and lethargy

The reason why users throng to medicine stores to get their Endura Mass is due to the catchy advertisements that are shown on the television. People believe in these advertisements, they believe in the teary-eyed stories of the models and actors. One must always remember that these actors and models are paid thousands of rupees for telling fake stories and most of them even have not heard of this product before endorsing. Thus, users are mislead by the media in this way. They even believe in the before and after effects and try to ape the endorsers by using their products. In order to achieve their dream figure, they go to great lengths which is not always encouraged by medical practitioners. Moreover, they must remember that the endorsers of these products are actors and the “before and after effects” as shown on television are software generated outputs. But people generally turn a deaf ear to these logics. When they fail to achieve the desired results, they are overtaken by depression and a lethargic attitude. People may suffer from ennui and lack of seriousness. They may feel dejected and it may develop in them a sense of betrayal.

Diabetics should avoid

People who are diabetic need to avoid this weight gain supplement. This product contains table sugars and a lot of corn syrup. So if taken by someone who is diabetic, it may prove to be very dangerous. People who are heavily diabetic and have lost their weight by following a strict diet after being diagnosed with blood sugar should stay away from this supplement as it may revive diabetes. According to the food pyramid, diabetics must stay away from foods that are rich in sugars. The maltose dextrin, sucrose may also be dangerous to diabetics. Increase in blood sugar level may cause problems in other organs. People may develop problems in kidney and may have eye problems.

Fatty liver

People who have fatty liver must avoid this supplement as it contains a lot of milk products such as whole milk, skimmed milk and so on.

One must always remember that methods such as gymming and exercises may give slow results but they are the safest ways by which one can gain weight. One can gorge on carbohydrate and fat rich foods like nuts, rice and so on. And to concentrate the fat on the required places, one can consult one’s gym instructor and perform exercises that can help one do so. And still, if the desired result is not achieved, one can zero on these supplements but only under the medical supervision.

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