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Green living is directly related to sustainability as sustainability means using natural resources with the motive to conserve it for the future generation. We cannot live without energy, oxygen, and water but these are scarce in nature. Therefore, it is our duty to keep the environment clean and reduce the consumption of these resources. Pollution is a direct effect of industrialization, increasing number of vehicles, and our luxurious lifestyles. All these factors are affecting the environment and also depleting the ozone layer.


In order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other pollutants it is important for us to adopt green and sustainable lifestyle. These days, our life has become widely dependent on technology and living without electrical and electronic facilities is impossible. Energy is required in every sphere of life, which includes transportation, household activity, warfare, and other things. Due to the rise in the population, the demand of energy also has been increased. This increased demand can make be meet by using sustainable resources like solar, wind, and hydro energy. This can help in the sustainable development of human and will help to make the environment clean.

Big Benefits that Come With Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable architecture that mainly defines the construction of energy efficient LEED certified buildings with additional sustainable features having a beneficial impact on the environment and occupants comes with loads of benefits. The word sustainable that implies long lasting is no ...

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Additional tips for living with less plastic

Plastic is practically existent in everything, but dealing with plastic and its waste remains one of the most challenging tasks. Whether in terms of sea pollution or recycling strategies, plastic is a threat to environment. Proving to be an ongoing ...

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Weird but innovative ways to go green

There is a green drive going to cut down the carbon footprints and make the world a better place to live. Developers and innovators come forwards with new ideas each day to create environmentally friendly products using advanced technology. Some ...

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Green building ideas that make modern homes better

With growing living needs troubling the eco system, it is wise for people to explore alternate building methods to construct their homes. The idea is to build a house without causing much stress on the environment. The technological development ensures ...

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Going green is bringing spring to business balance sheets

With the emergence of environmental concerns, many businesses have started inculcating sustainable practices.Businesses are trying their best to reduce their carbon footprint. Doing so, a business becomes so popular, which works in its interest, as in a business prospers as ...

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