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Green guide is a guide that includes several ways to go green. This involves unique, innovative, and simple ways that will help us to keep the environment pollution free and help to reduce the quantity of waste material. This include all fields in which we make such mistakes that lead to pollution and help us how to improve those mistakes. This includes everything from food waste to eco-friendly machines. Green guide includes different topics and methods that will help us to save money, energy, water, and other natural or scarce resources.


This includes tips to make eco-friendly houses, furniture, decoration materials, tips to save fuel, and various and effective tips how to go green. As the population is rising, this can affect our future generations as they will not be able to use natural resources. This is our duty to use natural and scarce resources in a sustainable way. We can use public vehicles instead of private one in order to reduce the consumption of fuel and can use solar energy in order to save energy. Plants play an important role to make the environment pollution free then we can contribute to make the environment pollution free by planting more and more trees.

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