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DIY or Do It Yourself is one of the best methods to build, modifying, and change something with the help or supervision of experts. This includes creativity and innovation in order to make some changes in your day to day life. This involves creative and unique methods to go green. In this way you can easily make the use of old t-shirts, old mattress, creating new eco friendly electronics and many other things in order to make the environment pollution free.

Assess the Soil Quality of Your Garden

Plastic is one of those materials that are non-biodegradable in the nature and cause various pollution so they can be used to make carry bags, furniture, and decoration materials or can be reuse in multiple ways. This can be helpful in cleaning your surroundings and reduce the quantity of waste. Recycling and reusing things is not a rocket science as you can do it yourself without spending more or anything. This waste can be used to make things like chandeliers, light box, lamp shades, wall hangings, toys, and many more things. There are people who love to live in an eco friendly house and for this they make such houses that are made of waste material and useless wood logs and blocks.

Creative ideas for a striking, upcycled lounge room

There tends to be some confusion regarding recycling and upcycling. Upcycling refers to repurposing old household items in their original state while recycling refers to processing these materials to produce new items. Upcycling can help you reduce your carbon footprint ...

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DIY solar cell from scratch using household material

Under tremendous pressure of rapidly increasing, unending requirement of electricity, researchers are leaving no stone unturned to enhance efficiency of commercially available solar cells. Solar energy is the most promising solution to both the energy need and climate change.

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Making a solar food dehydrator on your own

Preserving food items such as fruits, vegetables, and meat people have been practicing since ages. They used to air dry food items that were not that clean way and it used to take much more time than a solar drying ...

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Simple ways to cut down your kitchen waste

It is very important to pay attention to make your kitchen greener if you wish to provide good health to your family, as well as the environment. Several things in your kitchen may be loaded with chemicals that lead to ...

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