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Top scariest festivals of world


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Every part of this world is renowned for their traditions and customs. Festivals are a part of every culture and tradition, but there are some festivals or rituals, which are considered the scariest and weird of all. Over a period, these festivals have gained popularity because of the customs and ways in which it is celebrated. Not in a sane mind can anybody imagine that bones of the dead are collected and are put together in countries, which have flourished well. Some say these are customary acts, but for others these are scary festivals, which you will defiantly want to be a part.

[box_dark]List of top scariest festivals of the world[/box_dark]

If you are interested in knowing about the scariest festivals celebrated across the world, then you can find them mentioned below after which you will surely get jitters.

[box_dark]Famadihana- Madagascar:[/box_dark] Celebrated in the land of flora and fauna, Famadihana is one of the scariest festivals, which you can experience. The Malgasy population of Madagascar celebrates this festival. It started it as a religious tradition, but later gained popularity as a festival. During this festival, bones of the dead are being dug out and are wrapped again with silk cloth. This is just the beginning of the festival. After this process, lively music is being played and the whole family starts dancing around the grave along with the bones. For celebrating this festival, the whole family comes together.

[box_dark]Day of the dead- Mexico:[/box_dark] Renowned for the tradition and culture, Mexicans celebrate the day of the dead. It is not as scary as it is sounding, but it is for some people, as Mexicans dance in the cemeteries along with spending the whole night in the same manner. Mexicans term it as giving respect to the departed soul. Along with day of the dead, there are various other customs, which are done on the same day.

[box_dark]Vegetarian Festival, Phuket- Indonesia:[/box_dark] Do not go by the name as it not what you are expecting. It is a traditional festival that is celebrated every year in Phuket. Natives call this festival the way and method to clean their body and soul. Natives of Phuket have found the best way for cleaning their souls, body piercing. Do not take this is as simple body piercing as you are in for a surprise. Hooks are taken into use for piercing the skin of people participating in this festival. Hooks are put on the backs and then they are airborne with help of tags and roam around on the street during the procession of this festival. Natives have taken this method as they say that, the pain, which they experience, helps in cleaning their souls and mind. For maintaining the name of the festival, non-vegetarian products are not consumed during the festival.


 Some more scary yet amazing festivals

As the list continues below mentioned are some of the scariest festivals celebrated in different parts of this world.

Ghost Festival- China: The name itself will give you reasons for not going out on the streets alone when you are in China during the celebration of ghost festival. Celebrated every year on the seventh month, ghost festival is celebrated by all the natives of china. The seventh month is also termed as the ghost month and is stated that, souls of the departed come back to the earth during this month. History of this festival stated that, those souls who feel that they are forgotten come back during this month. Looking into the entertaining point of this festival it is also stated that, those ghosts who are willing to have some entertainment come back during this month. Incense and food are kept at home along with burning paper money is a way of offerings during this festival.

Day of Ashura- Islamic countries: This day is celebrated on the last that is the tenth day of Muharram. It is considered as a scary festival as there is lot of bloodshed. Adults along with children aged between six and fifteen beat themselves with horsewhips in which blades, knives and any sharp objects are attached. Chains are also used for scourging themselves. This festival is celebrated on the death anniversary of the son of Prophet Mohammed. Muslims, especially Shia’s take this as an ethical practice and celebrate this year.

Thaipusam- India: Something same like the vegetarian festival celebrated in Phuket, Thaipusam is celebrated in India. Tamils take this as a religious festival, but the piercing of tongue and cheeks with use of rod, swords and spears make it scary. The addition to the scary part is that rotation of head in circles with open hair, as they are being possessed.

Penitencia- Philippines: The official christens community in Philippines celebrate the festival of Penitencia. Reason for this celebration is that, the natives want to experience the same pain, which Lord Jesus faced while he was crucified. Nails are hammered in hands and feet of people participating in this festival along with which, they carry wooden cross on their shoulders in the same way Jesus did.

More about scariest festivals across the world

As the list does not end here for the scariest festival across the world, you can find the information on different web portals with ease.





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