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Top 10 Incredible Treasure Troves


A treasure trove is any valuable old collection that is concealed in cellar or attics, that is discovered by accident and its true owner is unknown. Here is a list of ten incredible treasure troves.

[box_dark]1. The Treasure of Sroda Slaska[/box_dark]

The National museum of Poland offers its visitors a chance to examine the treasure of Sroda Slaska. The highlighting feature of the treasure is a gold crown that was used by Blanche de Valois of 14th century. The treasure also includes 2 gold pendants of 12th century, a medieval gold clasp embedded with precious stones, 39 gold coins, 3 rings and 2924 silver coins.


[box_dark]2. Panagyuriste treasure[/box_dark]

Panagyuriste treasure was discovered by three brothers in 1949 while they were processing clay at Merul. The vessels belonged to the Odrysian ruler of 3rd and 4th century BC. It includes a phial, seven rhytons and an amphora all of which weighs to 6,614 kg of pure gold. The treasure has the scenes of Greek mythology engraved on them.


[box_dark]3. Preslav treasure[/box_dark]

Presalv treasure was discovered after centuries at the vineyard in Castana. This incredible excavation revealed 170 objects that were made from metals like gold, silver and bronze. It also includes coins that belonged to 3rd and 7th centuries.


[box_dark]4. Tutankhamun’s Treasure[/box_dark]

The most remarkable piece revealed in Tuntankhamun’s tomb is the king’s inner coffin that exhibits an incomparable quality workmanship. The coffin measuring 74 inches long and 20 inches wide is crafted from solid gold.


[box_dark]5. Pereshchepina Treasure[/box_dark]

Pereshchepina treasure was discovered 90 years ago in a village of Ukraine. The shepherd boys accidentally took out the treasure while they were playing by a river. The treasure included eating vessels, jewelry and exclusively ornamented weapons that weighed 20 kg of gold and 50 kg of silver.


[box_dark]6. Tillia Tepe Treasure[/box_dark]

A mission of archeologists accompanied by Victor Sarianidhi of Afghanistan, discovered the treasure in a burial ground in 1979. This valuable collection includedexclusive jewelry crafted from metals like gold, lapis-lazuli and turquoise.


[box_dark]7. The Treasure of Nagyszentmiklós[/box_dark]

The invaluable treasure of Nagyszentmiklos represents a collection of twenty three gold vessels that belonged to the 10th century. The vessels were crafted from 22 carat gold. This treasure is assumbed to be used in the dining halls of the royal Bulgarian families.


[box_dark]8. The Pietroasele Treasure[/box_dark]

The treasure was discovered in Pietrosele, Romania in 1837. It belonged to a Gothic king of 4th century. This valuable collection portrayed twenty two pieces of gold with overall weight of 27 kg. Some of the pieces carried the inscription the sacred inheritance of Goths.


[box_dark]9. The Treasure of Gourdon[/box_dark]

A hoard of gold was revealed near Gourdon in 1845. The hoard dates back to the 6th century and included a Challice decorated with garnets and turquoises in the compartments. The Challice also carried a hundred gold coins that belonged to Byzantine emperors.

tillia tepe-spread 2

[box_dark]10. Java Treasure Trove[/box_dark]

This treasure trove was recently discovered on a sunken ship of Indonesia. It included 14,000 pearls, 400 dark red sapphires, 4000 rubies and more than 2000 garnets. It is believed that the treasure belonged to the Egyptian period.


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