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Interesting facts you would love to know about spiders


You screech when you see a spider or some kids find them amusing. Some people may just hate to look at them while some may give them a room to web. Regardless of your love or hate towards the eight-legged creatures, these facts on spiders are sure to fascinate you.


Spiders are venomous

Spiders live on their prey and use venom to subdue them. When a spider bites its prey, muscles around the venom glands contract and pushes the venom through the fangs into the animal. Most spider venom paralyzes the prey and makes it more easily accessible. This is what had been shown in the comic Spiderman where a mere rush of Venom created what we now know as THE SPIDERMAN. The spider family Uloboridae is however an exception to the venom rules.

The best predators you can find

Spiders are fighters and hunter. They are good at searching and capturing their prey. A majority of spiders though feed on other small creatures and insects by trapping them in their web but it’s shocking to know that the bigger spiders may at times also feed on other vertebrates, such as birds! Arnae- the true spiders are said to be the largest group of carnivorous animals on earth.


Spider girls are dangerous

Male spiders are always scared of their female counter parts, as they fear to be eaten by them. Female spiders typically form a greater population than the male spiders. Female spiders are actually dangerous. When hungry they may consume any invertebrate that comes her way be it her suitors. As a method of defense, the male spiders at times use their courtship rituals to identify themselves as mates and not meals. Jumping spiders often perform vigorous dances from a safe distance to wait for a female’s approval before approaching. There are also the male orb weavers that make their place on the outer edge of the female’s web. They then gently pluck a thread to create a vibration in her web and seeking her attention. They then wait for a sign if the female is receptive.

No solid foods for the Spiders

Spiders strictly live on a liquid diet. They technically cannot take in the solid food. This is why whenever they catch hold of their prey, they first convert them into liquid form and then consume. For this, spider exudes digestive enzymes from its sucking stomach onto the victim’s body. The enzymes break down the tissues of the prey and that is when the spider sucks up the liquefied remains, including the digestive enzymes. For the absorption purpose, the meal goes into the mudgut of the spider where the nutrients break down.

Spiders can produce silk too

Spiders can make silk throughout their life cycles. This production is a multi-purpose one, varying from specie to specie: to capture prey, to protect their offspring, to assist them, for shelter, and to reproduce.


Spiders may look creepy to many but there are certain interesting facts about the eight-legged creature that can simply amaze you.

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