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Incredible Ice-cream Flavors you never thought Existed


Ice cream can be regarded as one of the best frozen treats. It wouldn’t be an easy job for you if you to find out a person who doesn’t like ice cream. Do you have a keen yearning to open up a business based on ice cream? Don’t worry. Just make a short research before starting your business as there are numerous types of flavors in ice cream that you are offered to serve your customers.

We know, if we start describing all the flavors of ice cream, the discussion will be endless. To avoid this problem we will focus on 5 types of flavors. We will start the discussion with Bacon Ice Cream.

Bacon Ice Cream

Bacon ice cream would be an awesome option for you as this flavor is really famous across the globe. Several researches on this flavor are showing that this unique flavor has been created by an American cook named David Levotiz. Bacon and brown sugar are blended in right proportion and then the extract is added with vanilla and dark rum. So now, you have gained knowledge about the ingredients that are used to get this flavor!


Pizza Ice Cream

Now we are going to discuss about the darling flavor of pizza ice cream. This can, surprisingly, be regarded as one of the most popular flavors of ice creams. There you can get a mixture of mozzarella, tomato and garlic. Your customers will surely appreciate you for this flavor, which is a blend of ice cream and snacks.


Octopus Ice cream

The ice cream lovers shouldn’t get worried just by hearing the name. Ben and Jerry are the two names related to this creation. But most of the people don’t know their names. The ice cream enthusiasts will surely get delighted after having a taste of this flavor. So keep this name also in your mind.


Breast Milk Flavor Ice cream

This is one of the most controversial flavors that we have ever had. This was first produced by an ice cream shop in London. The creators, of this ice cream are grateful to the donators of breast milk. Breast milk is processed and blended with lemon zest and Madagascan vanilla pods to bring about this unique flavor.


Coronation Chicken Ice Cream

This ice cream was first created for the special occasion of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. The name of the inventor of this ice cream is Jacob Kennedy. It is very delicious in taste. Let’s work on it.


Mentioned above, are some of the great flavors of ice cream.


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