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All those movies, all those fictions, all those superheroes, all they had in common may quite soon become a veritable and tangible reality. Immortality may soon be in the grasp of our palms as Russian tycoon Dmitry Itskov, who is currently 32 years of age, plans to become immortal by the year 2045.


The basic strategy as has been shown in the film Surrogates, is to transport the human consciousness, as in the brain, into a robotic humanoid, which will then be able to function and operate just as the original human would have done.

Itskov, in order to fulfill his dream has set up the Global Future Congress, which has already has it first convocation at Moscow. It has been set up to analyse the implications, both ethical and social of gaining immortality.

Primary test results which have already been conducted say that based on research progress rate, it will be possible to upload a human brain onto a robotic form by the year 2015. This deadline, when inquired about from Itskov, h replied that it seemed “optimistic.”

Itskov is ready to praise the capabilities which humans may be endowed with when they are able to transport their conscious identities into more durable forms. When humans run out of biological options so as to extend their lifetimes, people will now have an additional option in order to do that. Whatever may be impossible for humans at the present moment in their human form will be completely possible in their android or superhuman forms.


Itskov is quick to say that just as has been shown in the film Avatar, the multi billion dollar film that went on to earn even more, people will b able to walk around in their humanoid forms while they can stay in the safety and security of their homes.

Itskov is a founder of 2045 Project which aims to load human conscious thoughts into non-biological avatars, which can significantly extend the human lifetime to even thousands of years maybe. The project page on Facebook has already attracted of followers.


Scientists claim that the android head of the humanoid will have over 36 motor sensors in order to replicate all the human emotions as much as possible. All these ideas have attracted the attention of professors at Harvard, MIT and other reputed institutes. Who knows what may happen eventually, but for the moment, it seems like humans may be on their way to a new era of advancement.

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