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Fall in Love with the Most Stunning Flower Bouquets

Flowers always act as a pick-me-up for your mood. Nobody can resist the sweet aroma and delicate appearance of flowers. So, it should come as no surprise that flower bouquets are used during various occasions not just to add colour to the proceedings but to lighten the ambiance in general. Flower bouquets are extremely popular and an indispensible part of weddings.

Only the choicest flowers go into the making of a flower bouquet, especially when it comes to a wedding flower bouquet. Florists seem to be aware of the fact that a large part of the appeal of an event depends on the proper arrangement of the flowers.


In case of weddings, the major flower arrangement happens to be the bouquet meant for the bride. This is the bouquet that she is going to have in her hands when she walks slowly down the aisle. Following the completion of the ceremony, the bouquet becomes the centre of attention since this is the bouquet which other girls attempt to catch at the times of the toss.

There are several kinds of bouquets depending on the nature of the event, each catering to the tastes and preferences of the host. The most popular and striking bouquets cater to a wide variety of choices, ranging from the classic to the contemporary and from colours like virginal white to mixed colours.

Apple Red and White

In case you wish to make a bold statement at the event through the medium of a single flower bouquet, you could try to go for rich red roses. Suitable for a fairytale wedding taking place in the fall or winter season, the apple red and white bouquet with minor application of sparkle translates into a romance which is equally timeless and romantic.

Rose Scepter Bridal Bouquet

Gundam Bouquet

Unleash your inner nerd with this amazing bouquet in the form of your favourite mecha battle robot! Not exactly the kind of bouquet you see at weddings, the Gundam flower arrangement will be right at home in comic book and anime conventions. You can always apply your creativity to incorporate the bouquet into weddings if both the bride and the groom happen to be major geeks.

Peach and Cream

The peach and cream is a perennial favourite with its delicate and feminine form. Traditional in nature, the peach and cream consists of light splashes of colour and the green stems remain loosely wrapped in pearls. If the occasion happens to be a wedding, you can get your “something borrowed” by wrapping the stems of the bouquet with a necklace from some member of the family.


Posy Bouquet

A simple bouquet, the posy bouquet is round in shape. The flowers are grouped together to create a minute, round structure that you can hold together with either one or two hands. The stem should remain bound by a ribbon, preferably satin or velvet. This flower arrangement is fairly common, being offered by several florists.

Scepter Bouquet

True to its name, the scepter bouquet bears the shape of a large scepter or wand created entirely from flowers and stems. The design is based on the chosen flower but the shape remains more or less the same. You are able to cradle carry them or hold them in hand. Roses are popular in such bouquets. However, florists are free to experiment with the design.

Presentation Bouquet

Commonly called the arm sheaf bouquet, the inspiration behind the presentation bouquet was the actress, Sarah Bernhardt. Flowers with lengthy stems are carried in a cradle. The most popular and common choice of flowers for the presentation bouquet are long-stemmed roses, calla lilies, gladiolus and orchids.

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