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5 most incredible disappearances in USA


The advancement in technology has made it possible to shed light on some of the disappearances that took place in the American history but there are some disappearing incidents that have found no answers as of yet. These incidents are spread all across the American history and involve disappearance of some of the popular and influential people of USA. The level of curiosity definitely rises when one reads about these disappearing incidents. We will discuss about some of them further in the discussion.

Mysterious disappearances in American history


  • Jimmy Hoffa: it was on 30 July in the year 1975 that one of the popular labor leaders Jimmy Hoffa disappeared from Detroit and was never heard of again. He was a natural leader and was born in Indiana in the year 1913. Jimmy was last spotted in the parking area of a restaurant in Detroit. No one knows where he disappeared to and some of them thought that it was a mafia hit. Jimmy was declared dead officially in the year 1982.
  • Amelia Earhart: Amelia was on a round the world fight when her Lockheed Electra disappeared into thin air on 2 June 1937. A rescue team was sent that looked for her and her aviator Fred but they found nothing. This mystery has still not found answers.
  • Joseph Force Carter: he was a Supreme Court judge in New York and indeed a very popular one. It all happened on 6 August 1930 when Joseph disappeared and was last spotted walking on a street near some restaurant. This mystery captivated every person in New York and extensive search was organized to find Joseph. The judge was declared dead in an official manner in the year 1939.


  • The Mary Celeste: in November of 1972 Captain Benjamin Briggs along with his family and seven crew members sailed on Mary Celeste which was sailing for Genoa in Italy. On December 4 a strange event occurred when all the people on the Mary Celeste went missing and what were left were only the material belongings.
  • Flight 19: the infamous legend of Bermuda Triangle was first heard on 5 December in the year 1945. Five US Navy Avenger torpedo bombers including flight 19 flew from naval air station in Florida. It was a three hour training mission which was a routine. Flight 19 went missing and still is to this day.
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