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5 grimy Tourist Spots in the US


All tourists don’t seek light, sunshine and the guys in giant fake customs to make their holidays crispy. Some people frighten, yet many of them are inquisitive to experience a ghost or similar bizarre. Given are five similar kinds of tourist spots in the US:

House of Lizzie Borden

Everyone is unaware if Lizzie really murdered her father and her step-mother(Andrew Borden and Abigail Borden), with an axe on August 4th, 1892 in Fall River, Massachusetts. Lizzie Borden had rocking relationship with her parents and was only available at the time of crime. Despite of several incriminating evidence, Ms Borden declared not guilty by the Jury, in just two hours of enquiry

Guilty or not, but Ms Borden will be famous forever. It’s the house where Ms Lizzie held an axe and made 40-hits on her mother. Now, it’s popular as Ms Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum. Tourists can stay any of the eight rooms that include the room where Abigail Borden’s body was found. This house is considered a ghost house. Paranormal speech, ghost tour and other related meets are likely organized in this house.


Mummies of Philippi, West Virginia

Graham Hamrick, a farmer of West Virginia had a unique dream in 1888. He dreamt of a safe, effective and affordable embalming fluid. After excising on human heads and snakes,  Mr. Hamrick secured two corpses of female of the West-Virginia Hospital

The embalming fluid made by Graham was cheap and affordable in 1888. And that fluid could be prepared using commonly available ingredients. Graham’s made fluid worked wonders that those mummies are still in good position. The mummies roamed Europe with the American Showman P.T. Barnum. After a long, finally they were sorted in some barn then under the bed.  The mummies have got submerged under the floods for long times. Now, they can be seen in the Barbour County Historical Museum, Philippi, West Virginia in just 1$.


Frontier Prison of Wyoming

In 1901, Frontier Prison, the first state penitentiary was opened in Wyoming. It was a poor place with lack of basic amenities for prisoners. It has 104 cells and all were without running water and electricity and were badly heated. In winters, harsh for inmates because of such condition two of prisoners froze to death. Even in late 1970, the prison’s conditions were worse as compare to prison standards. Generally, the prisoners used to brutally strap with rubber lash. In 80 years of its history 14 prisoners were executed.

It was closed in 1980 and remained vacate for several years, and then turned into tourist place. Still, many ghosts and another related signs have been traced by the visitors and other investigators. The Halloween tours to this place are quite popular and joyful.


The Mütter Museum

The College of Physician of Philadelphia is the oldest medical community of the America, commenced in 1787. The most exciting medical curiosities are stored in its’ Mütter Museum, gathered throughout the years. This museum holds Chevalier Jackson Collection: Dr Jackson’s endoscopic techniques, and near about 2000 objects that Dr Jackson collected from the bodies of his patients, including a pair of dentures and a set of binocular.

This museum also displays other unusual facts like tumor of former President Grover Cleveland, assortment of human and animal brains, joint livers of Chang and Eng Bunker, the natural “Siamese twins”. This museum has also preserved a range of unique skulls, bones, cadavers and skeletons.


Winchester’s Mystery House

Sarah Winchester, the widow and heir of William Wirt Winchester, lost her husband and her only baby. During her grieves she consulted and learned that she herself and her family have curses of the spirits those were shot down by Winchester firearms. So was the reason, Mrs. Winchester had to build a home for those spirits. Sarah purchased an unfinished farmhouse in 1884 somewhere in San Jose, CA. And started construction that used to run round the clock.

It’s believed that every night Sarah consulted with spirits and give new instruction to her workers. Many huge modifications were done based on those instructions. The architectural design of the house is unusual and haunted. It’s also believed that this bizarre design is outcome of Sarah’s lost mind.



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