Dr Prem - Speaker

Dr Prem Jagyasi Speaking During Conference11Over the years, Dr Prem has mastered the art of public speaking, which truly reflects through his fluent, flawless and insightful speeches delivered on various topics. Dr Prem has delivered hundreds of keynote speeches, focused training workshops and presentations in more than 25 countries.

When it comes to reaching out to people and his audiences, Dr Prem Jagyasi does it to a nicety. Aside from presiding over several international conferences and delivering great presentations, Dr Prem has been connecting with his listeners through well-researched and impressive speeches, which undeniably leave an indelible mark on the mind, psyche and soul of his listeners. While communicating with his audiences, Dr Prem emphasizes on creating a two-way channel, which, aside from allowing him to speak his mind, helps his listeners to clarify their doubts as well. Owing to his expertise in different areas and years of cumulative experience, Dr Prem’s speeches exude confidence, prudence and excellent information about different topics. Read more Dr Prem – Speaker

Dr Prem - Entrepreneur

Dr Prem a Persona BrandDr Prem Jagyasi has strongly established himself as a highly successful entrepreneur who has a perceivable and very strong presence across several domains. Dr Prem runs a solid network of 50 niche websites that attracts millions of readers from across the globe. He also runs a technology business, which further includes website development and website management. Dr Prem has a team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals who know the ins and outs of web development, and accordingly, delivers flawless services to its clients. More about Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem - Author & Publisher
Dr Prem at Dubai Healthcare City

Dr Prem at Dubai Healthcare City

Dr Prem is a celebrated author and publisher. He owns a robust network of 50 websites with millions of readers across the globe, apart from publishing 30 plus guidebooks on various niches, each of which intends to provide authentic information on different subjects.

The collection of guidebooks is a testimony to his ingenuity, great writing skills and varied experience. The guidebook series, which includes different titles, such as Live a Great Life Guide, Business Guide, Medical Tourism Guide, Wellness Guide, Sex Health Guide, Diet Guide, Beauty Guide, and others, help readers understand the obvious and hidden nuances of different topics.

Dr Prem’s magazine style guides get frequent updates from time to time so that readers can stay abreast with the latest trends and hot topics. Containing hundreds of trending and life-improving articles, these guides flaunt structured content, which is comprehensible and perfectly scanable for anyone. Dr Prem, the author of these guidebooks, ensures to provide evidence-based articles, which come supplied with proven philosophy. Thus, anyone looking for quality, reliable and concrete information on different topics would find Dr Prem’s guidebooks perfectly suited to his or her requirements. more at Dr Prem’s Live A Great Life Guide Serieshttp://drprem.com/guide

Dr Prem - Travel Photographer

Dr Prem Travel Photographer300As Elliott Erwitt said “To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” Dr Prem believes in the same conpet, he travels across the globe to capture moments through his travel photography. Dr Prem’s Travel Photography | http://photo.drprem.com

Dr Prem - Personal Branding Expert

Dr Prem Chennai Outdoor Smart Formal 2In his illustrious career as a personal branding expert, Dr Prem has earned a formidable reputation. By adhering to the principles of personal branding, he and his team have created distinct, robust and authentic brand identities for numerous individuals and business establishments in India and abroad. Well versed with the obvious as well as obscure nuances of personal branding, Dr Prem is the ideal man to count on for all those with a desire to garner the right kind of exposure, credibility, opportunities and attention. More http://drprem.com/personalbranding