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Award Winning Speaker, Author, Global Influencer and Entrepreneur


Dr Prem - An Award Speaker & Author

An award winning global thought leader, entrepreneur and speaker, Dr Prem Jagyasi has graced 150+ international conferences in 45+ countries with his life changing keynote speeches and corporate workshops. Dr Prem’s inherent gift of the gab finds further expression through a series of guidebooks, including signature guide – Carve Your Life: A Lean Way to Live a Great Life You Deserve.

Dr Prem - An Entrepreneur & Global Leader

An unwavering passionist and connoisseur, Dr Prem – a renowned chartered consultant – has initiated, invested and partnered in several sustainable businesses including a) Dr Prem and Associates – chartered consultancy and training services in 35 countries, b) Dr Prem Web Network – 50+ websites and 30+ improvement guides with millions of loyal readers and c) Dr Prem Web Services – web and mobile app development services to help companies and individuals go past their peers.

Dr Prem - A Global Influencer & Personal Brand

Admired by over half-a-million followers on several social media channels and strengthened by a covetable appreciation of millions of readers, industry stakeholders placed him among the leading global influencer and celebrated personal branding expert.

Dr Prem Jagyasi further takes immense delight in travel photography – a hobby that soothes the explorative and inquisitive sides of his persona. Visit Dr Prem Jagyasi Travel Photography

Dr Prem’s Businesses and Services

Dr Prem Web Network

Dr Prem web network publishes top quality, high ranking and super niche websites, flaunting rich content and impressive, responsive design.

  • 50+ super niche websites with millions of loyal readers, Established more than a decade back, with rich reputation and ranking
  • Provides promotional services such as online marketing, traffic boost, sponsorship/review posts, reputation management and many other services.

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Dr Prem and Associates

Dr Prem and Associates provides exceptionally high quality consultancy and training services across industries to its global clientele. This includes Dr Prem’s signature services like:

  • Medical Tourism, Wellness Tourism, Lean Healthcare & Global Healthcare
  • Lean Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility & Corporate Sustainability
  • Online Reputation Management and Publication Management

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Dr Prem Web Services

Dr Prem’s team has more than ten years of experience in creating, managing and running websites, web apps and mobile apps.

  • Our signature web technology development programs combined with exceptional content, social media and search engine optimisation services provide comprehensive web solutions that you need.
  • Thus far, the company has served its clients in more than 30 countries by delivering 1000 plus technology projects without missing a single deadline.

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Speeches in 35+ countries | 150+ International Conferences  | 50+ Customised Corporate Workshops | Global Audience |Personalized training programs

Dr Prem Jagyasi suggests that living a great life is not restricted to a privileged few. A great life does not mean materialistic achievements like wealth accumulation, success in business etc. You can life a great life by carving your path, accumulating good traits and contributing.

Dr Prem Global Speech map

Dr Prem Jagyasi’s partial travel map, indicating cities and countries he has traveled to learn & share his experience and to deliver keynote addresses, speeches and conducted workshops. Read more about Dr Prem – An Award Winning Global Speaker

The progress of the Medical Tourism phenomenon has had enormous impact not just for the patient alone but it has also influenced economic, social, environmental, business and medical sectors. Dr. Prem Jagyasi puts light on benefits of MT for a nation.

Dr Prem Web Network and Dr Prem’s Guides

A massive network of high quality, top ranking and niche websites and guides. All you need is at one place.


Life Guides








International Clients in 35+ countries

Clients, Media and Testimonials

What do they say about Dr Prem?

One content marketer understands the importance of writing compelling content, and has seen success in a wide variety of industries. Dr Prem, international speaker and web publisher, has focused on creating a portal of dedicated sites around everything from your sex life, to your home life, to your digital life. – Forbes

ForbesA global publication company

“Each day of your life brings a beautiful gift along with it. Even when you fail, you learn things that enable you to make wiser choices. You have nothing to lose at the end of the day. You would certainly find it hard to think of a struggle that did not give you a learning to move on in life.” – Dr Prem Jagyasi | Live Life Guide Quote on Huffington Post

Huffington Post
Huffington PostLive Life Guide Quote

“It was a great chance to work with Dr. Prem as he is one of the professionals you will love to work with him, and gain knowledge from him, based on fact that he has worked with us in the project of Health & Wellness in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Prem is great personality who has the knowledge and never hesitates to share it with other”

Government of Saudi Arabia
Government of Saudi ArabiaHead of Wellness Tourism, Tourism Department

“I had the pleasure to know and work with Dr. Prem who is a qualified executive professional with an experience in the management and strategic consultancy. In addition to implementing strategic marketing communications Dr. Prem is highly supported when it comes to setting organizational strategic initiatives”

Dubai Health Authority | Government of Dubai
Dubai Health Authority | Government of DubaiCEO - Strategies

“You have (Dr Prem has) considerable knowledge about global healthcare and led a fine discussion during World Health Congress”

Mayo Clinic, USA.
Mayo Clinic, USA.Director - OBD

“I have worked with Prem during launch of Dubai Health Festival. He is a very sharp result oriented professional”

GE Healthcare, USA
GE Healthcare, USAMarketing Director - HIT

“Dr. Prem is an innovative entrepreneur. He is Creative Writer and Inspiring Speaker”

Medical Tourism Office - Dubai Health Authority
Medical Tourism Office - Dubai Health AuthorityEx Marketing Director - American Hospital, Dubai

“Your presentation was excellent and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. We thank you for sharing your time, talent, and expertise with us.” –

Governmnet of Croatia, EuropeEvent President

He is very much composed cool and calm in his delivery of ideas and implementing the laudable strategies. Dr Prem himself is a centre of innovative techniques and creativity. A notable author and a fabulous speaker cum trainer. His ideas are accepted world wide and I wish all the very best for all of his future endevours

ASTER DM HEALTH CAREChief Operating Officer
7Days Dubai
Express Helathcare
Googls Books
TTG Media
The National
Express Travel World

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The team of Dr Prem and Associates provides high-end consultancy, training, technology, and marketing services to clients across the globe.  The team consists of leaders, managers, researchers, authors, trainers and experts from more than 40 countries, which further has exceptional experience and unmatched expertise to help your business grow.

 Live A Great Life Guide Series by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Together 30+  guides containing hundreds of trending and life-improving articles, Dr Prem’s guides are comprehensible and perfectly practical for everyone.

Utilising his vast global experience and diverse knowledge, Dr Prem has written and published a series of life improvement guidebooks, which intend to improve all aspects of our life. His signature guides includes – Carve your life, Wellness Tourism, Medical Tourism, Travel Guide, Personal Branding, Business and Marketing. Regardless of role you play in life, Dr Prem’s guides help you to lead a fulfilling life. Ensuring you to provide evidence-based articles, which come supplied with proven philosophy to empower you. Dr Prem’s guidebooks keep close tab on the recent trends and researches and, accordingly, offers the most up-to-date information to readers. Dr Prem’s Live Life Community initiative allows you to lead passion-driven happy and successful life. Contact us for more info.