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World’s most scenic and enthralling boat trips

Kerala’s Backwaters

Do you love traveling through water? Have you ever thought of exploring some of the best places in the world in a small boat? If not then give it a thought now. We are here to help you in your way. Find below 6 most scenic and enthralling boat trips in the world that you can never miss out:

Norwegian Fjords

When it comes to the most picturesque and enchanting boat trips around the world, the Norwegian fjords tops the list. Hurtigruten is one of the most celebrated ferry routes in the country, which has been offering services for almost a century. There are a total of 11 contemporary ferries between Bergen and Kirkenes that offer amazing experience to the guests throughout the year. While heading the northern part of Norway, these ferries go through several coastal regions as well as 34 beautiful ports. Each of those round trips is 11-day long and visitors are offered quite a few scopes for side trips along with them. Some of the great features of the itinerary are fantastic fjords, serene islands, towns with Art Nouveau architecture, the magnificent midnight sun, numerous medieval monasteries, and so on.

Halong Bay

If you really want to enjoy a boat trip that will create a cherishable memory in your mind for the lifetime, the journey through the Halong Bay in Vietnam would be a good choice. The beautiful bright green water of the bay will soothe your soul and innumerable limestone isles scattered all through the cove will refresh you completely. Pristine beaches, amazing weather, lush green forest in each island and the remoteness of the place, each and everything will mesmerize you. Choose any of the 300 boats run by the well-known Bai Chay Tourist Wharf for taking pleasure in the ‘World Heritage’ water of Halong. If you prefer a day trip, you can finish it in 4 to 8 hours. However, if you wish, you can opt for the overnight tour too.

Amazon River

The Amazon River is known to be the second most important river in the world in terms of length. Located in South America, this 6,200-km river carries almost one-fifth part of the total fresh water present on the earth. You cannot explore the beauty of the entire river that stretches from the Peruvian highlands to the Brazilian city Belém during your trip. But there are lots of slow boats that run between Trinidad – ‘the land of Calypso’ and the city of Guayaramerín in Bolivia, or Manaus and the mouth of the river in Belém. And once you go for any of these, you surely start admitting that it is one of the most charming and enchanting boat trips in the world. You need 4 to 6 days for enjoying the thrilling beauty of the deep jungle that is situated along the border of the river.

Franklin River

If you love adventure, the boat journey across the feral Franklin River of Australia is a must for you. The entire tour is extremely challenging and visitors get immense opportunity to enjoy world’s one of the most interesting boat expeditions. Boating is not allowed in this fierce river all through the year. The best time to visit the place is the period between December and March. Also, not everybody can rubber-raft down it. You must be experienced in order to get a chance. It will take 8 days to 2 weeks to complete the trip. The most unpredictable part of the river, which is from the Collingwood River to the Gordon River, is open for rafters and they can discover a variety of primeval plants and rife creatures during the voyage. However, if you are a nervous person, this World Heritage area of Tasmania would not be a good choice for you.

Quetico Provincial Park

Quetico Provincial Park is another valuable addition to the list of the world’s most beautiful and engrossing boat trips. Boating through this signature wilderness of Northern Ontario in Canada is truly an overwhelming experience. Just paddle by the side of the flat surface of some of the immaculate lakes of Canada and you will be right at the centre of the park. The area of the Quetico Provincial Park is around 4,800 square km. The 1,500 km long isolated canoe route has made it famous across the globe. You have two options to explore the place. Either seek the help of a guide or enjoy the journey by your own. Canoeing, camping, sport fishing are some of the major attractions of this exclusive boat trip.

Kerala’s Backwaters

Kerala’s Backwaters

Last but not the least is the exciting boat expedition through the compelling backwaters of Kerala, one of the tourist hotspots in India. The state itself is known as ‘God’s own country’ for its spectacular beauty and lush greenery. Visitors can travel around the marvelous network of lakes, tarns, canals and streams edging the coastline of the pictorial state and make the most of their journey. The cruise between Alleppey and Quilon is the most popular one there and it takes almost 8 hours to complete the trip.

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