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Maldives Travel places, Travel sites – Top 10 Tourist Destinations of Maldives for pleasant leisure


Maldives Island attracts many tourists which touches the soul of every visitor. This is the best place for a perfect vacation. The top 10 tourist destinations of Maldives are as follows:

  • Maldives National Museum – It was established after the republic. The location of National Museum is Sultan Palace, having collection of ancient times and visitors get the chance to watch the fantastic display of objects, coins, jewellery, thrones and arts of pre-Islamic era in excess of thousand years ago. It was established by the Prime Minister ameer mohamed amin Didi during 19th November 1952; the major purpose of this was to defend the history of Maldives. This museum also contains the sultan belongings like ornaments, daily costumes of King and queen, sculpture, arms, the old cinematography and many other items that exhibit the history life of Maldivian citizens. The visitors can visit the museum on Sunday to Thursday and remains closed on Friday and Saturday.
  • Maldives Esjehi Art Gallery – Once you visit this place, it takes you to the reverse in the time of 1870 where you can see the historic customary art and craft of Maldives. This gallery is located in the capital city “Male”. The gallery remains open for three days in a week.
  • Maldives Grand Friday Mosque – It was formerly known as Masjid-al-sultan muhammad thakurufaanu-al-auzam. It was first introduced by the President maumoon abdul gaymoon in November 1984. Many occasions like wedding, official meetings are organized in this mosque. It is one of the largest mosque in the country and the tourists can visit the place daily but not during the prayer. There is strict rule about the entry of the mosque, the men have to wear long pants and women have to long dress.
  • Maldives Fish Market – It is one of the thrilling places in Male and it is the main centre for trading of fishes which is located near the beach. You can have a glance to a variety of fish caught by fisherman. There is no predetermined time to the fisherman and they have to expend their time in boats till they catch fish for sale.
  • Kurumba Village in Maldives – It is the first resort in Maldives which is 20mins far from the airport of Male. It is also called as jungle resort, which is full of green coconut trees. It has white sandy beaches and tremendous calm lagoons. This kurumba village has finest villas, bungalows, excellent bars and message centre and also has the water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, etc which makes this place more gorgeous.
  • Seenu Atoll Maldives – It is also known as Addu Atoll and it is located in the southern part of the Maldives. Atoll is a land and its surroundings are locked by island from all the side. Because of this feature it is protected from the rainstorm and bad weather and this place is eminent for dolphin and whale.
  • Naifaru in Maldives – It is located 142kms north of Male. It is among the top 5 places in Maldives and it is a division of Laviyani Atoll. It is popularly known as family holiday spot where tourist enjoy by climbing the sand mountain, water sports, shopping’s, and much more. This place is usually liked by kids.
  • Hukuru Miskiiy Mosque – It is the oldest mosque of the Maldives which is built by an emperor Hukuru Miskiiy. This mosque is popular because it is built of coral stones with Arabic carvings on the walls.
  • Jumhoorie Maidan – It was established in 1989 and this is a republic square located on the Northern beach front of Male. The lush green vegetative space has replaced the old government buildings and has also found a place in the commercial establishment at one side of the maidan. It is one of the best places in Maldives.
  • Shopping in Maldives – The capital island of Maldives is Male, which is known as shoppers destination where you get local handicraft items. You can also see many other products and foreign goods at the shopping malls. Some of the shopping malls are – Majeedhee Magu which is popular in garments, electronic items, cosmetics, etc. and Chaandanee Magu is popular in imported items.

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