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Visit the most influential cultures of the world – explore a new vista of travel

Golden Temple at night

The cultural influence of a country can be assessed by its tradition, custom, exquisite cuisine, art, and fashion and quality lifestyle. Some countries command a strong cultural influence that is highly admired all over the world. Their products are highly saleable and are big drawers in the booming travel and tourism market.

The cultural identity of a country is built over time and its influence is stronger than its military, political and economic might. This sets them apart from the rest of the world and constitutes the most powerful trigger for travel. Traveling in a way allows you to explore some of the most influential cultures of the world if you happen to select the right destinations.

Key indicators of great cultures of the world:

Global Marketing Communications and BAV Group conducted the 2018 Best Countries Rankings jointly and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania based on the survey of 21,000 people from 4 different regions. They picked the top 5 most influential cultures of the world based on factors like entertainment, fashion, trendiness, happiness, modernization and all those traits perceived to be prestigious.

The number of UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites is one of the prime indicators of the cultural influence of a country. More the number of cultural heritage sites a country can claim, higher is its ranking as a culturally rich destination.

8 most influential cultures of the world worth exploring:

The US News and World Report ranked 10 countries with rich cultural history. While Europe continues to be the leader in having the maximum cultural influence all over the world, Japan, Brazil, and the US are also strong contenders to be counted among the great cultures of the world.

1. Italy:

ItalyItaly tops the list as the most cultural country of the world scoring maximum points as a trendsetter in fashion courtesy Armani, Gucci, Versace and Valentino brands. Italians on an average do care about their looks and are more careful in picking what is more fashionable.

Talking of artistic influence, the Uffizi Gallery, Florence saw 2.1 million visitors in 2016. It ranks 1 for its number of World Heritage Sites. The cultural appeal of canals of Venice, Renaissance Art, delectable cuisine, the 1st-century city of Verona and the rock drawings of Valcamonica are never to fade.

2. France:

FranceThe importance of France as one of the most influential cultures of the world cannot be overstated. Being one of the world’s largest economies; it has a deep-rooted cultural heritage encompassing middle-age literature, paintings and other performing arts.

It has set a landmark in celluloid and its exquisite cuisine and wine have conquered the world. France also ranks high in the number of World Heritage Sites with the Palace of Versailles, Notre Dame Cathedral and also the banks of River Seine that played an important role in the evolution of French culture.

3. The United States:


The United States bags a top spot amidst countries with great cultural history being modern and the most influential in entertainment. Hollywood Films and music have invaded the remotest corner of the globe with the prestigious Oscar Award Ceremony setting the ultimate standard in this domain.

Hardly, you come across a person who is yet to be influenced by the country’s hi-tech digital media culture through Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon etc. The US culture has influenced the global population to ‘Dream Big’ by expanding imagination and creativity beyond mundane thoughts and ideas.

4. Spain:

SpainOnce being the largest conqueror of the world, Spain has left an everlasting mark as one of the most influential cultures of the world. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world next to Chinese. The Tapas Culture – socializing over food, reflects how cuisine can shape the living of a place which has also crossed the borders.  The Art collection of Antoni Gaudi and other World Heritage Sites like the walled town of Cuenca and the caves of Sierra de Atapuerca have also helped in boosting Spain’s ranking. And what about the most influential Football culture that has mesmerized the world’s soccer fans since ages?

5. The UK:

The UKThe dominance of the UK as one of the most influential cultures of the world cannot be denied. The English language is popular all over its world mainly for its flexibility and its enriched literature. The country has been the seat of learning since ages with Oxford and Cambridge Universities setting new standards of academic brilliance till date.

London, the capital, offers cutting-edge culture with a number of museums, concert and theatre venues and awe-inspiring heritage monuments. Abundant cultural attractions never let the residents and visitors feel tired as the city always has something new to offer.

6. China:

ChinaAmong Asian countries, China is ranked as the most cultural country of the world by the 2017 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report by the World Economic Forum.  The list of World heritage Sites seems to be endless with the Great Wall of China, the Imperial Palaces of Ming and Qing dynasties, the ancient city of Ping Yao and the Grand Canal reflecting a high standard of oriental culture. It is needless to mention the influence of Chinese cuisine and traditional medicine that has earned tremendous global acceptance.

7. Japan:

Yasukuni Shrine, JapanThe Land of Rising Sun can truly boast of being one of the most influential cultures of the world. The country ranks second highest in terms of oral and intangible cultural heritage by the World Economic Forum report.

With a plethora of World Heritage Sites notably the shrines of Nikko, the pilgrimage routes to the Kii Mountain Range, this small island nation has lots to offer. Japanese cinema, anime, manga and music have a lot of influence in the global entertainment industry.

8. India:

Indian tourismIndia represents a unique culture amidst diversities. Ranking 6th among the countries with the highest number of world heritage sites, India exemplifies in cultural grandeur. The land that has seen a number of foreign invasions since ages, its cultural evolution is bound to be quite different from others. Each city in India has its own cultural and historic significance.

India gave birth to two of the oldest languages in the world namely Tamil and Sanskrit of which the former is widely spoken in the country until date.  Very few cultural countries can equal India’s multi-colored fashion, music, dance, literature and festivals not to mention its multi-flavored cuisine.

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