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The Unusual Eeriness of Summerwind Mansion

Unusual Eeriness of Summerwind Mansion

Summerwind, the Eerie Mansion

A lot of mystery has surrounded Summerwind mansion all the time. Every other visitor has felt eerie inside this mansion. At the same time, a large number of people have felt the need to explore this mansion because of the mystery surrounding this mansion. A large portion of the mansion is currently in ruins. Moreover, going here is a once in a lifetime experience. It is a very rare and unusual experience to visit a place like this. It isn’t easy to stay at this place for a long time. Hence, if you do get a chance, you should stay as long as you can and take as many pictures as possible.

Eeriness in the Feel and Making of the Mansion

The site is simply eerie. One may not always see a ghost but one shall feel the eeriness. The site is very different. One shouldn’t miss an experience like this one. Each and every visitor has felt the eeriness on visiting this place because of the atmosphere and the making of the building. Though, not many have reported a ghostly activity or anything such. So, a large number of people feel weird in this mansion. It is a totally out of place feeling. It is well worth it to experience this feeling at least once in a lifetime. Hence, make it a point to visit this house at least once.

History of the House

This house is a very interesting history. Robert Lamont, US Secretary of Commerce, built this mansion for himself in the year 1916. The mansion was built on Wisconsin (northeast), on the shores of West Bay Lake. The mansion was a holiday place so that he could relax and stay stress free. In the original structure, there was a fishing lodge that had been purchased by Lamont. Lamont employed Chicago architects to restore the property that he had purchased and change it into a mansion. Since, political life in Washington was very hectic, it was necessary to relax and get away from it.

The house was used only during the summer months. Lamont lived in the house for around 15 years. Even Lamont was of the point of view that the house is haunted. Lamont abandoned the house somewhere in the 1950s out of fear. Apparently, he went through a very scary ordeal. It is believed that he and his wife saw a ghost in the evening.

Summary –

The article is about the eeriness reported by travellers and tourists at the Summerwind Mansion. Interestingly, even though, most don’t find any ghostly activities but still feel eerie.

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