Thimphu Tsechu -The biggest festival celebrated in Bhutan, 2013

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When: 14th to 16th September 2013

Where: Bhutan

One of the biggest festival celebrated in Bhutan , Thimphu Tsechu is so renowned worldwide for the diversified nature of the festival and vibrance in the aura, altogether goes on a virtual world of entertainment. This festival is celebrated on a huge platform annually in the season of autumn for 3-4 days and this year it is coming to roll you on 14th September and lasts till 16th September. In the race of fairs and festivals, its so undoubtedly the most awaited festival for the tourists as well as for the country people. Thimphu is all set as an extravagant venue, to welcome the visitors and provide best of hospitality.

  • The amalgamation of changing nature and presenting various aspects of Bhutanese culture is the prime goal of this festival, altogether a jubilation affair.

  • The main attraction of the festival which draws your senses is of courses the cultural folk dance composed by the folks of the town in the famous Tashichho Dzong in Thimphu. The festival looks more colourful and unique with the handmade masks which articulate different forms of human nature and expressions.

  • It holds significance on the spiritual basis by the people of Bhutan when they gather to make this event more important, and the city looks extra crowded during this time of the year.

  • The dancers of this festival are both monks and common men. The moves of the participants and the beats of the drums gives a celestial look to the scenario.

  • The history of the origin of this festival is as old as 16th century during the reign of Tenzun Rabgye. The festival, since then have occupied a major part in the hearts of the Bhutanese people with respect to the traditional, spiritual and entertainment basis. People join hand in hand to exuberant the richness of this event in this whole world and this is the reason that the festival is attracting tourists highly.

  • The event is quite pious for the Bhutanese and therefore it makes the most for them to enjoy with friends and family. The entire capital is decorated in a colourful way which marks the initiation of holiness and serenity.

  • To unleash the most of traditional aspect and cultural beliefs is the main target of the participants in the festival. The famous Tashichho Dzong in Thimphu is the destination where all the drama is going to take place. The sublime aura created by the dance forms and other activities gets into your nerves and you cannot resist to tap your feet.

The place is all set to welcome you, with Bhutanese culture and authenticity. The place where you can see the minor to the most, catch the emotions through dance and to beat that indulgence in delicious Bhutanese cuisine. So anticipate yourself and gather your friends or family to dive into the ethnicity and culture like never seen before. Capture the best moments and experience the most by lifetime memories.


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