The spice capitals of the world: Countries where food could burn your tongue

Spicy food is not consumed all over the world as many people do not prefer it. However, it is popularly believed that countries having hot climate usually prefer spicy food. In spicy food, the quantity of chilly, peppers or other spices is more and it adds more taste to your taste buds. There are few countries that opt for out and out spicy food. Those countries include South and North Korea and Bhutan. The other countries such as India and Mexico do not use that much spice in their food though they have a lot of dishes in their menu with lot of spices. Spices are used to add flavor, taste and aroma to the dishes and increase the appetite of the food lovers. So the food recipes of India, Malaysia, Bhutan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and many other Asian countries deal with spices.

Let us discuss few of the countries where spices are rampantly used to make the dishes tasty and appetizing.


1. Malaysia

Spicy food is the main attraction of Malaysia as far as Malaysian cuisine is concerned. As Malaysia is influenced by various cultures such as Indian, Chinese, and Malayans, the Malaysian dishes are also influenced by the cuisines of those countries. However, the culinary style of Malaysian cuisine is a collaboration of the Malays, Indian, Chinese, Thais and Arabian cuisines. In Malaysia variety of food types are available such as rice, bread, noodles and other dishes. Sea food and non-vegetarian foods are also prepared in a good quantity. People from different parts of the world visit Malaysia and take the experience of the spicy food offered by them.


2. India

India being a country of diversity in everything flaunts several regional dishes. All the regional dishes depend hugely on spices to be prepared. You might find very different food habits in different parts of India but the common thing in all food types would be the spice. The Indian cuisines are hugely influenced from religious and cultural aspects. The north Indian cuisine is completely influenced by the Mughal invasion of India. The dishes prepared during the Mughal rule are still practiced in India and very popular worldwide. India has almost a different cuisine style for all its state. The food habits in India has also influenced in a huge manner by the foreign style of food preparation. The fusion cuisines include Indian Chinese, Indian Malaysian, Indian Singaporean and Anglo Indian cuisines. However, it is known that India used to export spices to European countries in the past years. So India is also considered as the land of spices.

3. Bhutan

Bhutanese spice is largely dependent on red rice, which is usually grown in the high altitudes. The most popular Bhutanese menus are prepared with chicken, pork, yak meat, beef, pork fat and mutton. The spice mostly used in Bhutanese cuisines is chili and chili peppers. The national food of Bhutan, Ema Datshi is prepared using potatoes, cheese and chilies. Almost every dish prepared in Bhutan uses a lot of chilies to add spice in it.

4. Korea

Korean cuisines largely depend on the usage of soy sauce, salt, garlic, ginger, pepper flakes gochujang, which is the fermented red chili paste. The dishes and ingredients to prepare the dishes vary by provinces. Kimchi is one of the most popular Korean diets, which is made of fermented vegetables, chili peppers, garlic, salt, vinegar and other spices.


5. Indonesia

Indonesian cuisine is also very diverse in nature as it is influenced by many cultures because Indonesia is composed of approximately 6000 populated islands. The ingredients available in Indonesia are hugely influenced by India, Malaysia, Middle East, China and even Europe. Moluccas is an Indonesian island, which is known as the Spice Islands. The Spice Islands has given cloves and nutmeg to the world. As Indonesia is native to many of the spices, the cuisines available in Indonesia are also full of spices. Many o the dishes that have been originated in Indonesia have gained popularity in Southeast Asia.

6. Thailand

Thai cuisines are influenced by the Southeast Asian cuisines to a huge extent. The cooked dishes are dependent on many aromatic ingredients as well. The Thai cuisines are pretty well known all over the world due to its spicy tastes. Another specialty of the Thai food is the accurate balance between the four fundamental taste senses such as sour, sweet, salty, and bitter. The cuisines of Thailand and the cuisines available in its neighboring countries are well influenced by each other.

7. Mexico

Chili peppers originated in Mexico and as a result used in almost every dish prepared in Mexico. However, the Mexican cuisine is a fusion of indigenous Mesoamerican cooking with European cooking style. The peppers mostly used in Mexican cuisines are habanero, chipotle, and Serrano peppers.


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