World’s most beautiful highways you’ll love to drive on

Do you love to go for long drives? Why don’t explore some of the most beautiful driving highways around the world? Challenging twists and turns, long uninterrupted straights, and awesome views – you can get each and everything that you want during your drives while choosing one of the following roads:

The Overseas Highway

This 127.5 mile long highway is a true pleasure for people who love to go for long drives. It was mostly formed by the side of the route of the old Overseas Railroad, which was basically the ‘Key Extension’ of the Class II railroad – ‘Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway’ and got wiped out by a cyclone. Constructed in the year 1938, the Overseas Highway runs by and large over water. It connects several islands in the course of 42 bridges and carries U.S. Route 1 through Florida Keys. It will take around 4 hours to finish the journey across the magnificent highway. But if you choose proper time to visit the place, the unbelievably beautiful backdrop as well as amazing sunrises and sunsets over the ocean will leave you spellbound.

Guoliang Tunnel Road

It is one of the most beautiful yet dangerous highways in the world found in the Hunan province of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). In 1972, a group of only 13 local villagers started constructing the Guoliang Tunnel Road. Some of them even died of accident while making the highway. However, after a five-year long effort, the tunnel headed in the Taihang Mountains was opened for people. The Guoliang Tunnel Road is almost 1,200 m. in length. The height and width of the road are 5 m. and 4 m. respectively. Though the beauty of the route is breathtaking, you cannot avoid the potential risks while driving on it. Hence, it is also called ‘the road that does not tolerate any mistakes’.

Red Rock Scenic Road

When it comes to the most striking highways for driving, the Red Rock Scenic Road should certainly be included in the list. It is also known as the ‘museum without walls’ and the wonderful scenic beauty of this All-American byway has made it highly popular among tourists. The road runs through the Red Rock Country of Sedona in the United States. As you drive through this path, the grand view and everlasting spirit of the spectacular red rocks enthralls you like never before. Driving on the Red rock Scenic Road also leads through a couple of other famous sights in U.S. including the Coconino National Forest, the Montezuma Castle National Monument, etc.

Transfagarasan (Transfăgărășan)

While visiting Romania, make sure that you enjoy a long drive on this strategic yet highly dramatic military path. Built by the communist politician Nicolae Ceausescu, the Transfagarasan is basically a 90-kilometer long paved road that sets up a link between two remarkable expanses – Wallachia and Transylvania. It runs from the northern part of the country to its southern section through the highest peaks of the well-known Carpathian Mountains. Vertical hairpin zigzags, exciting ‘S’ curves, and superb views of some of the tallest crests of Romania have made it a perfect route for enjoying long drives. However, make sure that you visit the Transfagarasan during summer only. The rest of the time, it remains covered by snow.


Iroha-Zaka, the most beautiful highway in Japan and one of the most stunning roads in the entire world, is known mostly for its twists and turns. It consists of two separate routes. One is used for going up while the other is intended for coming down. The name of the road has come from the ancient Japanese alphabet, which starts with ‘I-ro-ha’ and contains 48 distinctive letters. Similarly, the Iroha-Zaka also holds 48 curves and each of them forms an alphabet. The winding road linking Oku-Nikko and the central Nikko offers excellent scenic beauty to its visitors. So, do not miss it out while visiting Japan.

Stelvio Pass

The thrilling Stelvio Pass in Italy also comes at the top of the list of world’s best highways to drive on. Being the second tallest cemented road in the lap of the Alps, it offers absolutely out-of-the-world views to the car enthusiasts. The challenging pass is situated at a height of approximately 2,757 m. above the level of the sea. It sets up a connection between the beautiful Valtellina Valley and the city of Merano. There are as much as 48 hairpin turns throughout the Stelvio Pass, which have made it famous all over the world. Nonetheless, you need to be very careful while driving on this road as it is extremely slender at some points.

North Yungas Road

The North Yungus Road is also popularly known as the ‘Road of Death’ (El Camino de la Muerte) or ‘Grove’s Road’. It is a 43-mile long route which joins the Coroico deep and La Paz through the Bolivian Andes. This deadly beautiful highway, located in Bolivia, was titled as the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Road’ in 1995. Foggy weather and repeated rains make the path mud-spattered as well as affects the visibility, which results into frequent accidents. But, adventurous people will simply love to drive on this mystic highway and enjoy the thrill.

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