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Seven of the world’s most remote hotels for one-of-a-kind stay

Amangiri Resort

Want to spend a few days in the most far-flung place in the world? Looking for some remote destinations in the lap of the nature where you can spend the most cherishable days of your life? Here are the best suggestions for you. Find below seven most remote hotels for one-of-a-kind stay:

Longitude 131°

Are you planning to visit Australia this vacation? Make sure that you have booked a well-appointed room in the Longitude 131°, one of the most remote resorts in the world, for a secluded stay. Located in Yulara, the completely separated town in the Northern Territory region of the country, this lush resort is a popular choice among the peace-loving visitors. Well, the very first that will catch your attention at the Longitude 131° is a total of 15 exclusive grand tent-like constructions. All of those are designed and built on different themes in order to pay accolade to several Australian leaders. Watching sunrise over the six hundred million years old ‘Ayers Rock’ (a mountain made of bright red sandstone) is one of the biggest advantages of staying at the Longitude. Being an eco-friendly resort, it helps travelers go green and enjoy their vacations in a more meaningful way.

Posada de Mike Rapu

It is another great option to explore when it comes to the far-flung hotels on the earth for one-of-a-kind stay. Posada de Mike Rapu is situated in Easter Island, the most distant colonized island across the globe. The island is found at the heart of the Pacific Ocean and is known to be a part of the Republic of Chile. You just can’t imagine what is waiting for you at the heavenly beautiful place unless and until you reach the Posada de Mike Rapu. It is an eco-sensitive boutique hotel which comprises a total of 30 comfy rooms, a wonderful pool, a dazzling bar, a soothing massage parlor, and couple of outdoor Jacuzzis. The prehistoric ‘moai’ sculptures (poignant colossal stone figures) have also made the site an explorable one.

Palacio de Sal

This unique hotel should also be included in the list of most outlying hotels in the world for enjoying an irreplaceable stay. Located in Potosi in the south-west region of Bolivia, the Palacio de Sal is surprisingly made of large salt blocks. So, if you want to make your vacation a ‘salty’ one, nothing can be better for you than Palacio. There are 16 rooms in the resort and all of them are well equipped with salt-made beds, tables, chairs, and so on. Just visit the place and explore it!


Travel to Kyrgyzstan (also popularly known as the ‘second Switzerland’) and you will come across a number of yurts. These are a special type of accommodation found in the remote places of Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan is the best place to explore lofty mountain glaciers, tranquil alpine territories, vast semi-deserts, profound river gorges, etc. and visitors simply love to enjoy the natural beauty of the famous Song-Kul Lake. There are a number of traditional drifting yurts around this lagoon and all of them are perfect for one-of-a-kind stay. Song-Kul is situated almost 9,895 ft. above from the level of the sea and the yurts present there are designed to go well with the surrounding nature as well as the weather. Just plan a trip to this place and enjoy a stay at one of the yurts with local families.

Amangiri Resort

Amangiri Resort

Image Source : aman.com

If you ever visit the Canyon Point in southern Utah in the USA, do not forget to spend a couple of days in Amangiri Resort. The place is basically the antecedent home of native tribal people like Hopi and Navajo. Visitors simply love to stay at Amangiri, which is beautifully constructed in the lap of a protected valley. The isolated setting, the picturesque view and the elegant erection are major attractions of this site. Amangiri has 34 luxurious suites equipped with a vast range of amenities. From each and every section of the property, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the landscape as well as the rock formations. The Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument is also clearly visible through the glass walls of living rooms and dining rooms. The relaxing pool, the rejuvenating spa and the outdoor desert lounge – all are exclusively designed to integrate with the wonderful landscape.

Hotel Arctic

The name of the hotel is enough to give you an idea about the remoteness of the place. Yes, the Hotel Arctic is one of the most secluded resorts found in the city of Ilulissat in the world’s largest island continent Greenland. The journey to this place might be a time-consuming one. However, once you arrive at the luxurious hotel, you just forget everything. Sited at the boundary of magnificent ice fjord chosen by UNESCO, the Hotel Arctic offers every modern-day amenity to its guests in order to make their stay memorable.

Banyan Tree Ringha

Last but not the least is the Chinese hotel Banyan Tree Ringha. If you want to spend your holidays in the utopian atmosphere of this hotel, you have to visit the place Shangri-La. The eye-catching structure, striking interior, stunning natural view, awesome surroundings, and mouthwatering foods are some of the major attractions of the hotel.

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