Seven of the world’s best snorkeling spots

If you want to explore the ocean in the best possible manner, go for snorkeling. Being one of the most exciting activities, you may take it up during the summer season. It is best to do snorkeling at places where clean, clear and shallow water is available. Therefore, some places really score over others when it is about snorkeling. If you are planning to give a visit to a great destination, then consider the following places where you can satisfy your urge to have some thrilling snorkeling experience. You are sure to receive the pleasure of the water world.

Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas: It is thought that the cause of a blue hole is the collapse of an ancient cave ceiling and Dean’s is the deepest blue hole in the world. You can easily snorkel through the deep waters of Dean’s Blue Hole as you give a few kicks to reach up to the depth of 600 feet. The beach is also white and sandy for you to have full fun at this place. If you prefer to go along the cliff base, you would be able to easily circumnavigate and check out those beautiful fish on your way. Near the mouth of this bay, there is a protective reef where you would find snorkeling a little easier, especially when the winds blow. Nevertheless, while you keep moving your fins, keep an eye on jacks, turtles, porpoise, tarpon or sometimes a dolphin.

Buck Island, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands: You will feel you are in heaven while resting at the Turtle Beach here or go snorkeling through its aquamarine waters. If you have not done snorkeling often, there are operators to instruct and help you in the right manner. Watch for three sea turtle species that nest here. This place is great to be visited year-round, but going during the summer season can help you avoid the crowds.

Crystal River, Florida, USA: This river coast is probably the best place to experience a friendly contact with West Indian manatee where guides help you to learn etiquettes while snorkeling along with a manatee. You just need to stay calm and keep a watch on a flipper hug or body rub against it. You can also experience the rest of the underwater world at this destination. A great time to visit the Crustal River is in winters when you will get to witness more manatees. However, if you want to avoid the crowds, visit here during the summer season.

Rockhouse, Negril, Jamaica: Bungalows at the Rockhouse resort are just steps away from the waters and it feels as if you are diving into a personal aquarium. You may get to meet those species here that are generally found on offshore reefs. When you set your fins on, you are sure to get a great experience of snorkeling. Though its magical grottos will appeal you more, keep an eye for harmless snake eels and silversides too. The protected waters at this place are calm to be visited anytime during the year.

Pigeon Cay, Honduras: This uninhabited island can be reached by a boat from Roatán. The waters around the island are so calm and composed that anybody can make out to be having a great snorkeling experience at this destination. You may visit this wonderful location anytime during the year, but the conditions will remain calmer during the summer season. Get to witness the elkhorn coral and juvenile reef fish at this fantastic place while you snorkel. You would start feeling that it is your personal island as not many people are seen around these sparkling waters.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands: The shallow waters around the Grand Cayman Island are popular for snorkeling. The water here is crystal clear and you get the most amazing experience watching stingrays as clear as can be seen outside the water. However, watch out for stingrays’ strong suction capacity even though they appear soft. Spring and summer are the best seasons to be at this destination as you would find the conditions calmest.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Belize: This delightful destination is quite close to Ambergris Cay. While snorkeling at this place, you can witness mesmerizing jacks, nurse sharks, grunts and stingrays. Its reefs and turtle grass also don’t look less amazing. Even some wild fish generally found in deep waters can be observed less than 6-10 feet of water at this place. When you go from the feeding area toward shallow reefs, get to observe amazing eagle rays, as well as coral reef denizens. Though this place is simply superb to be visited by snorkelers throughout the year, you can definitely check for some cruise schedules if you wish to get away from crowds visiting during busy times.


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