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Safety tips for women travelling alone

Safety tips for women travelling alone

A lot of women today are taking off on trips to distant places on their own. While this is a good thing when considering the independence women display in fulfilling their aspirations, a word of caution is required. Women are and will always be the target of hostility, and hence it is important to follow some precautions. We discuss a few safety tips for women travelling alone.

Planning the trip

You might be taking off on your own and don’t want anyone to intrude, but it is always advisable to inform some important people who you can reach in case of emergencies. You must research the place you are visiting, understand the culture and sensibilities of the people. For instance, if you are visiting a Muslim country, then you should dress conservatively and carry a scarf or stole to cover your head. Read about the country’s security status for women, for instance, lot of harassment cases get reported by visitors to India, even in crowded places in broad daylight.

Make Travel Companions

You may be travelling alone but it is better to get acquainted with fellow travelers so that you can look out for each other. You need not necessarily tag along with each other, but you can opt to travel the same route, share taxi or board in the same hotel or accommodation. However, you must be cautious who you get friendly with as well, maybe you can inform friends or family back home about them.

Travel Thriftily

Try not to carry too much cash, wear expensive jewelry, expensive mobiles or cameras. Also, be very careful with your passport and travel documents.

Situational Awareness

People are not the same everywhere, they react differently to the same situation. So, even if it is alright to flirt with someone in the club where you come from, or accept drinks from someone you’ve met for the first time, it may not be safe in the place where you are visiting. Also, in many countries, people are known to take advantage of gullible, single, white females, going so far as to committing frauds and murders.

Secure Accommodations

You may be considering saving a few bucks by opting for an  inexpensive hotel or lodge, but what is more important to ensure is that the hotel is of good repute and has adequate security. You can always check trusted websites such as Lonely Planet or Trip Adviser to find suitable accommodations.

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