Jamaica, the third largest island in the Caribbean is the home of the Blue Mountains inland. The tourists come to revel in the beautiful weather and the unbelievable beaches in one of this most vibrant island of the world, Jamaica.  Travelers enjoy soaking up the rich cultural heritage, indulge in some of their delicacies and engage in the reggae vibe of the island.


Jamaica officially is the largest English speaking island in the whole of Caribbean occupying around 4400 square miles. People of African descent mainly inhabit in this vibrant location. Some of the unique features make this place a hot favorite among the tourists.

One of such interesting location is the capital city of Kingston, the seat of the government and an interesting location from the historical point of view. Some of the interesting activities that the people enjoy are fishing, scuba diving, wind surfing and horse-back riding.


People mostly speak in English with a different accent that denotes their ancient culture and civilization. They are very friendly and warm natured people. Although conservative, they take pride in participating in most of the religious events.


There are many festivals and entertainment events that are organized all round the year. These include community and international festivals with Jamaica’s native music reggae, celebrated in many festivals like Reggae Sumfest and Reggae Sunsplash. The annual festivals of Arts highlight the island’s heritage in music, dance, drama, traditional folk forms and drama. Over the years, many community festivals have been added to the calendar events of Jamaica.



The weather conditions in Jamaica are tropical with hot and humid climate. But most of the higher inland regions have temperate climate. However, some regions of the south coast such as Liguanea Plain and Pedro Plains are dry areas that receive very less amount of rainfall. There is time when this island receives damages from storms, due to it the location of Jamaica is in the hurricane belt of the Atlantic Ocean.

Time ZoneUTC-5
Dialing Code+1876
Electricity110V, 50Hz
Major CitiesKingston, Montego Bay, St. Ann’s Bay
CurrencyJamaican dollar
ClothingAll informal clothing such as t-shirts, shorts and swimsuits.

Health Related

Mortality Rate6.48 deaths/ 1000 population
Life ExpectancyM 70/ F 76
Patient : Physician Ratio1200: 1
Hospitals JCI accredited0
Recommended VaccinationsHepatitis A, Yellow fever, Hepatitis B, MMR, Diphtheria-tetanus
Other InfectionsHIV

Tourism Related

Global Competitiveness3.85
Tourism Competitiveness4.1
Health and Hygiene4.1/7
Safety and Security4.6/7
Air Transport Infrastructure3.3/7
Tourism Infrastructure3.2/7
Cultural Infrastructure1.6/7
Visa Requirements8/133
Reliability of Police Services102/133
Physician Density90/133
Hospital Beds89/133
Quality of Air Transport Infrastructure41/133
International Air Transport Network28/133
Quality of Roads60/133
Hotel Rooms33/133
Tourism Openness8/133
Attitude of Population Towards Foreign Visitors37/133

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