Giant omelette festival Abbeville, Louisiana USA

Giant omelette festival
When: November 2nd & 3rd, 2013
Where: Abbeville, Louisiana USA

The big appealing omelette made from beaten eggs is the major theme of Giant omelette Festival which is made annually at Abbeville, Louisiana, USA. Omelette is cooked with the help of butter or oil in a frying pan. This giant one also loaded with the rich amounts of vegetables, meat, cheese, ham and several combinations of these. The frothy texture is made out of the whole eggs, and sometimes a combination of egg white, water and cream are used to prepare it. Baking soda becomes a part of the omelette to make the mixture more fluffier but some traditionalist’s don’t make use of baking soda.

Origin of the Giant omelette

The Giant omelette Festival USA was started initially in the French town of Bessieres. The French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte once stayed for the night and ate an omelette there. At that time, he ordered all the eggs in the town and prepared the eggs into a giant omelette in order to feed his troops. And then it became a tradition of making a Giant omelette in every year, especially on the Easter. This omelette has also became popular for the symbol of friendship known as Confrerie. Confrerie means ‘Brotherhood of the World’ for international fraternities as well as traditional and cultural exchange.

Thousands of eggs

Yes! it sounds big and even looks big too. They use thousands of eggs in the makeup of the Giant omelette in the Giant omelette Festival USA. The festival uses 5000 eggs. It is held in Abbeville’s Magdalen Square and is faithful to the town’s Cajun heritage. One can also find the area loaded with several kinds of stalls, which sells local food, arts, crafts and many more. This festive also make your legs to tap with the music with the music and dance concerts. The Giant omelette is prepared from 5000 eggs for the locals and to feed the guests, the actual making of the major captivating event, the Giant omelette, begins only after a ceremonial mass held in the St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church. It is followed with a grand procession towards the giant 12-foot skillet, where the eggs are carried. The omelette is made in a giant frying pan with the use of six feet paddles.

Recipe of Giant omelette

If you are curious enough to note the ingredients and the quantities then have a look here. The giant fluffy texture is prepared from 5000 eggs, 50 lbs of onions, 52 lbs of butter, 4 gallons of chopped green onions, Louisiana Crawfish tails, spices, and many other ingredients, particularly the smokin’ hot Tabasco pepper sauce.

Worldwide omelette celebration

There are namely seven countries in the world who celebrate this Giant omelette festival including Argentina, Dumbea, Canada, New Caledonia, Belgium, USA, Bessieres and Frejus of France. Each city adds their local ingredient in the omelette. In Abbeville two ingredients are added in the omelette that are Louisiana Crawfish and Tabasco.It is given free to the people who are around it!

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