Bumbershoot – Seattle Center, Washington – 2013

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For all the art and music lovers, book your tickets as the lands of North America have  knitted the best for you. A festival with largest urban arts and astonishing events all at one place. Bumbershoot is North America’s largest art festival, and takes place in the heart of the city at 20 indoor and outdoor venues within a 74 acre park in Seattle Washington on labor day weekend. A rich history of the fest  starting in the year 1971, and since then is known as the Seattle festival of arts. The festival is commencing this year on 31st August to 2nd September.
  • The festival is promising and attracting participants and performers from almost every part of the globe. The artists are quite diversified in their form and represents richness in comedy, arts, music, instruments, spoken word, drama, theater and lot more to indulge into. The uniqueness of this art festival is comprised with this variations in the features.
  • The celebration is extravagant to drive you crazy and more than that to overshadow your skills  into the vast art and music trap. The word Bumbershoot of this festival is derived from the informal name of umbrella depicting the festivals coverage of myriad of art forms.
  • The weekend with Bumbershoot is exceptional to touch the heights of unlimited fun and frolic all at one place. The artists and participants makes up for the three day festival with great enthusiasm and vigor. An event marked on weekend this year is going to be ultra crazy and ultra fun.
  • Attractions of this festival are many but what could grasp your eye are laser shows. Though there are various modifications which are met with this lantern and light shows, however it is one epic attribute to realize the importance of this event. Computer graphics, enormous inflatable soft sculptures by the Land Truth Company and an electronic jam session. To meet it all, you cannot resist the glorious performances by the skilled artists.
  • The activities are miraculous here and simply unending. The various arts forms from body panting, folks dance, music, theater performance to motorcycle races all under one roof is quite hard to believe but yes, it is what this festival is offering you. To enjoy different sort of styles, to learn or to share, there are various aspects for art enthusiasts.
An event with extravagance, and richness of various art forms and an opportunity to groom and develop new  skill sets. This festival of Bumbershoot should not be driven away from your hands as it is something you have ever imagined to execute and yes, now you are getting the opportunity. Dive deep, Dive high but all under the Bumbershoot of extreme arts and forms. Bumbershoot is an amazing festival calling you for a short term plan of three days and unleash the best of the activities and various genres as the artists of comedy, music, theater and instruments are landing up from different boundaries.

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