Over the years, Brazil’s natural beauty and Carnival kept it in international fame and attracted thousands of tourists throughout the year. When you talk about Brazil, few things that conjure your mind are the great Amazon forest, fantastic beaches, great soccer players and the annual lively carnival.

Research carried out with international tourists who already had the opportunity to know Brazil, reveal the visitor truly to find the most beautiful country. The results also show that 52 per cent of the visitors go back home valorizing yet another aspect of this land: its people. After all, besides appreciating some of the most beautiful spots on the planet including countless beaches, ecological paradises and historical cities, the visitor is always accompanied by people who are willing to show the best points of every excursion, making the trip unforgettable.


Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world and the largest country in South America, which makes it share its borders with every South American country except Ecuador and Chile. Brazil has a magnificent coastline of 7,491 km that boast stunning beaches.


Brazil often boasts that the new race of Brazilians is a successful amalgam of African, European and indigenous strains. More than half of the population is of European descent, while another 40 per cent are mixed African and European ancestry. Portuguese is the official language and nearly universal; English is widely taught as a second language.


The fact that ‘Carnaval’ has become a household name proves how important events are in Brazil. Events in this region ranges from cultural—Carnaval, sports (due to Brazil’s famous soccer team), religious—such as Christmas, fashion (Rio Fashion Week) and many more.


Offering a wide range of weather patterns and an awesome mixture of cultures and races, Brazil has the longest tropical beach coast of the world with some unmatchable tropical beach resorts. Brazil has the biggest and most secret forest and river of the world: the Amazon.

Brazil’s winter lasts from June to August with temperatures between 13 and 18C, but it only gets really cold south of Rio. Summer is from December to February, a period frequently bringing stifling humidity to the far south. Brief rain showers are common, given Brazil’s tropical climate, but the dry interior has only a few months of heavy rainfall a year.



LanguagePortuguese and indigenous language
Time ZoneBRT (UTC -2 to -4) summer BRST (UCT -2 to -4)
Dialing Code+55
Electricity110V/ 220V, 60Hz
Major CitiesBrasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, Salvador, Recife
ClothingTake natural fabrics and lightweight clothing, cotton linen and silk are comfortable even in the heat and humidity.
 Health Related
Mortality Rate6.35 deaths/ 1,000 population
Life ExpectancyM 70/ F 77
Patient: Physician Ratio900:1
Hospitals JCI accredited13
Recommended VaccinationsHepatitis A, Typhoid, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Diphtheria-tetanus, Measles, Varicella, Poliomyelitis, Yellow Fever,
Other InfectionsPlague, Brazilian purpuric fever, Lymphatic filariasis, Hepatits D, Brazilian spotted fever, HIV, Lyme Disease
 Tourism Related
Global Competitiveness4.28
Tourism Competitiveness4.3
Health and Hygiene4.2/7
Safety and Security3.4/7
Air Transport Infrastructure3.8/7
Tourism Infrastructure4.0/7
Cultural Infrastructure5.6/7
Visa Requirements67/133
Reliability of Police Services116/133
Physician Density81/133
Hospital Beds70/133
Quality of Air Transport Infrastructure101/133
International Air Transport Network68/133
Quality of Roads110/133
Hotel Roomsn/a
Tourism Openness128/133
Attitude of Population Towards Foreign Visitors75/133

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