Black Nights Film Festival, Tallinn Estonia, 18th November 2013

When: 13th November to 18th November
Where: Tallinn, Estonia
To get into the film drama was an ice breaking  task years ago, but as the time rolled its wheel, the things are easily under reach. The Black Nights film festival is one event where you can take part to unleash the best of film industry. This festival primarily talks about all the aspects of cinema on which it focuses. It was in 1997, that the festival marked its steps and now an immense success is dedicated to its vast popularity and making it one of the most audience attracting festival. Initially it was poff which is an eye candy for viewers eyes and rested deeply on this vast magnitude today.
  • The division of screenings in this festival is based on world cinema where only 40 percent is for Scandinavia and East Europeans and the rest is kept for world cinema.
  • As the name depicts” the black nights”, it is capable of dragging you towards the black and wintry nights of Tallinn. The dark and wintry nights here looks magnificent to drive you into the real world of films out of your fantasies. Doesn’t it sounds like a dream come true ?
  • The schedule of the festival is dedicated to the screenings of the films from the last two year, proceedings  with retrospective of film makers, awards and recognition.
  • The festival  is responsible for featuring the immense works of Asian and American movies on this grand platform. The Festival uncovers features films, as well as short films and predominantly documentaries based on every genre. With unbiased multicultural films covering all aspects, the festival is highly appreciable to unleash the works of talented directors and their prospective to govern the highly controversial topics of time.
  • The black market event, is a new addition to this festival which screens film made by smaller film industries. You may also get  a chance to explore several animated stuffs, with youth based films and the well is deep which has offerings in every basket. The festival is extravagant to tempt your desires of films based on all genres.
  • The film festivals like theses are highly recognized for building up strong relations among participating nations and build  one deep instinct of connections. It should also be raised among non-participant countries to join hands in this overweening fest of films.
So, Black Nights Film festival is one enduring part of Estonia’s film calendar, which has various offerings for the wide platform of films. To educate the aspiring audience it is one world-class event. It contributes an encouraging factor for debutantes also for better works through films. Films has the power to revolutionize the world, and to match your interest there are lot, with its sheer acknowledgement of being the prime cultural affair in Estonia. Land up to the world of films this November, where you will get the extreme from film fraternities.

Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team (C)

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