Best Cities to Go If You are into Casino Gaming

Are you a professional gamer? Do you enjoy playing casino games during your leisure times? Well, you can plan your vacation trip to any of the following eight cities and make the most of your gaming spirit this year. Want to know more? Here we go:

Las Vegas

There is a proverb, “what happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas”. Ask anybody about the ‘paradise of casino gaming’ and the answer will be ‘Las Vegas’. Yes, it has long been considered as the best choice for worldwide casino gamers. Vegas is basically the origin of gaming and hence, it tops the list of best cities for casino. The tourism industry in the city revolves around casino gaming. There are a large number of mega-casino resorts, such as the Sands, the Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, the Wynn, etc. around the town and each room of these resorts contain sufficient gambling chairs for the guests.



It is the second most important city in the world where many casino gamers gather throughout the year. The recently launched ‘Venetian Macau’ is the biggest casino found across the globe until now. The gaming space available in the boutique hotel and casino resort is known to be larger than four football fields. Macau is the hot favorite of many leading gambling brands. Almost all of them are ready to come up with 5-star hotels accompanying casino resorts here within a few years. So, it can be said that this southern city of the Republic of China is all set to give Las Vegas a tough competition.

Atlantic City

Well, it should be placed at the third position in the list of the most popular cities for casino gaming. The Atlantic City is also known as the ‘Office of Professional Gamers’. If you have a look at the gaming history of the city, you will find that famous poker players like Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, Erik Seidel, etc. have turned this place into a dream destination of gamers by earning millions of dollars. Every major gaming brand has marked their presence in the town. Some of the well-known casino resorts present there are Borgata, Taj Mahal, and so on.


When it comes to the most admired cities for gaming and gambling, Sydney – the celebrated capital of Australia – should never be ignored. There are more or less four hundred small to large casinos throughout the country and Sydney houses a large chunk of them. Being a well-known holiday destination, Sydney attracts a lot of travelers each year. And the renowned casinos like Star City Casino, Crown Casino, etc. add a cherry to their vacation. The best thing about Sydney gaming is that the opportunities are open for very basic players. The world-class series of tournaments named ‘Aussie Millions’ is also organized by the Crown casino every year.


The entire region around the Mississippi River houses some first-class casino resorts, which are equipped with cutting-edge gaming and gambling technologies. With so many options available, you will never find it boring to spend a few hours in one of them. Mississippi is called the ‘unofficial birthplace of American gambling’ and the presence of numerous casinos from Canada to Louisiana along the coastline of the Mississippi River is enough to prove this.


France deserves honorable mention in our list of best gaming cities in the world. A recent survey conducted on world’s best casino cities reveals that the ‘Little Venice’ boasts of having around 450 wonderful casino resorts. If you are a lover of casino gaming, make sure that you are visiting the foremost poker room named the ‘Aviation Club de Paris’. It has already earned fame for getting coverage for ‘World Poker Tour Broadcasts’. Therefore, traveling to this place would really make your trip worthy.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, also called the ‘City of Angels’, is not only a good option for tourists to quench their wander thirst, but also a great choice for general to professional gamers. Though the city is yet to be flourished as a full-fledged gaming city, you can easily enjoy playing at any of the 40 casinos available there. Some of the well-known casino resorts situated in Los Angeles are the Hustler, the Bicycle, Hollywood Park, the Commerce, etc. The champions of last two years’ World Series of Poker Main Event have also come from these gaming places. So, do not forget to visit these during your Los Angeles tour.


You might get surprised to see Bahamas in this list, but what you all need to do is to explore the city and make the most of the gaming and gambling opportunities offered by it. The beauty of pristine beaches of Bahamas doubles up with the availability of enough casino gaming options. There are two 5-star resorts and casinos in the city, which attracts a large number of gamers each year. One of them is the ‘One & Only Ocean Club’ situated on the Paradise Island while the other is the ‘Westin Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya Resort’ located in the capital city Nassau. These well-equipped gambling places have made Bahamas the ‘Gamblers’ Paradise’.

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