Best places around the world to try extreme sports

If you are looking for some adrenaline rush and thrills by trying extreme sports during your leisure time, you may gear yourself up to visit places that offer you a variety of extreme sports so you may test your limits. From volcano boarding to ice climbing, guides can take up with you all such kinds of activities. Though operators are there to support you, it is ultimately your own responsibility for getting your life at risk. But if you feel the risk is everywhere, you are one of those daredevils who would enjoy these destinations to their best. So, check out which all places around the world can make you rock and roll with their extreme sports offerings.


Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

This is the place if you love the nature under water and want to go to the extremes with ocean scuba or freshwater cave diving. Exploring the submerged cave systems by descending into a hole is the experience of another world. Stalactites draw many of the people. Yucatán Peninsula has such amazing turquoise pools with crystal-clear water, as well as the largest concentration of sinkholes. The fringing jungles at this destination would double your fun of freshwater cave diving.


León, Nicaragua

This destination is the best for those who would want to run over an active volcano. Giving you an excellent opportunity to zoom over a volcano using a toboggan made of reinforced plywood, this place makes volcano boarding a craze for you and many other tourists. After you hike up during volcano boarding, you may control the toboggan by steering and braking. You may reach speeds of up to 90 km/hr. There are daily trips organized by the León Big Foot Hostel to the nearby Sierra Nevada volcano. Thus, planning a trip to León can give a lifetime experience of trying an extreme sport that is not available at all the places.


Chugach Mountains, Alaska

If you are an advanced-level snowboarder or skier and wish to try heli-skiing or boarding sometime, then the time has come to visit the beautiful Chugach Mountains that have the softest and deepest powder to make your experience smooth. A whirlybird takes you on the untouched terrains, but ultimately it is up to you how much technical skills you possess to deal with this extreme sport. Other places that can give you an experience of heli-skiing or boarding include New Zealand and North America. But, avoid planning a trip to other European countries as this sport is widely banned throughout Europe.

Rotorua, USA

If you have not tried zorbing before, come to Rotorua in the U.S. or go to Guam to try it out as these places have setups by the original zorb company. You would generally be rolled down a hill in a plastic ball that is transparent. This is also done on water at some places and you might find the name changed to orbing, sphereing or globe riding. You can try zorbing with friends or alone.


Ouray Ice Park, Colorado, USA

As the name of this park suggests, there are great options offered for ice climbing. Opened in 1995, this park has got stunning ice formations due to frozen waterfalls. One can do ice climbing using special equipment, such as ice axes. The Ouray Ice Park has been so famous among tourists for ice climbing as this extreme sport was first introduced here only in an exclusive manner. But if you are also interested in other place options for trying out this sport, you may try it out at Val David in Quebec, Canada.


Byron Bay, Australia and Alps, Switzerland

If you think you are not done with the above activities, try out the ultimate skydiving at either Byron Bay in Australia or at Alps in Switzerland that are both ideally suited for this adrenaline-rushing sport. You would even forget paragliding and hand gliding done before when you experience jumping from a height of 10,000 feet. Now, that is not all! Once you can handle a skydive and become a pro, try out sky surfing, base-jumping and wingsuit surfing. These are surely not started for amateurs. So if you love falling freely, reach one of these places to enjoy your favorite extreme sport.


Rocklands, South Africa and Bishop, California, USA

You would have done climbing many-a-times if you are sporty enough. But now, the latest craze is about bouldering that is climbing without any safety equipment. Indoor bouldering gained popularity in North America and later spread to the European countries too. The walls at indoor bouldering centers are kept low to avoid injuries. While if you want to take the real experience of bouldering in outdoors, visit Rocklands in South Africa or Bishop in California. These places offer adventurous bouldering opportunities that could get into the mode of ultimate thrills.


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