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A quick visitor’s guide to explore gorgeous Berlin, Germany

explore gorgeous Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a huge city and home to some of the most famous tourist attractions including various monuments, zoos and other world heritage sites such as the Brandenburg Gate. From recreated historic houses to pestrianized side streets, Berlin has all the popular places that would make your visit worth. Here is fir you a guide to Berlin’s famous attractions so that you do not miss any of these places on your visit.

With a history of destruction and creation, Berlin is the largest German city and amongst one of the coolest places on Earth. A good way to discover the various amazing locales of the German capital is through bikingHopping on the bicycle to have a view of the city is perhaps the best possible way to discover its attractions. You can get a bike on rent through various hotels and guest houses at a very affordable rate.

Another worth visiting place in Berlin is its amazing nearby cities including the Mitte to Kreuzkolln that have incredible cafes, restaurants, shops, architecture and people. Some of the famous Berlin neighborhoods include:

Kreuzberg – A perfect place to be visited in summers, Kreuzberg is a traditional city where you will find great food, vegetable stalls, independently run shops, street art and amazing people.

Mitte – It was earlier old Berlin’s historic center and was home to DDR’s Checkpoint Charlie. You can find various art galleries and few unsophisticated areas that still have a scar of the past.

Prenzlauerberg – It is known as the Park Slope of Berlin full of cafes, shops, vintage stores and baby carriages.

Other important things to be noticed in Berlin are the stumbling blocks, graffiti, and street art. The stumbling blocks are the small blocks covered by brass that have inscribed on them names of some Jewish people who were the residents of the place before the Second World War. These memorials are extremely heart touching and can be found all over the place.

Being amongst one of the greenest urban areas in the world, Berlin is a home to numerous parks like Templehof, Tiergarten, Soviet War Memorial, Treptower Park and Beer gardens along the Spree. Along with the above mentioned, some of the other must visit sites and activities in Berlin includeBase Flying in Alexanplatz, ping pong plat at Dr. Pong, DDR Museumand many more that will surely impress you to have the most beautiful holidays ever.

Sex tourism facilities

Berlin is a perfect destination for those who love to add excitement and joy in their tour. Berlin is a friendliest place for sex lovers, especially for gays. Gay couples can roam around and can have fun in the town without any restrictions.

Many sex tourism facilities providers in the city offer top and cost-effective packages to their guests. This often includes tour to places located in and around the city. Visitors can visit the Gay museum located in the Schwules and the ancient library to expand their knowledge about homosexuals and their history.

Visitors can discover number of restaurants, clubs, shops, and bars where they can try best cuisines and beverages of the region and country as well. They can spend memorable time in various pubs and bars, which do not have any closing time.

The best time to visit the place is during the gay parade as you can get an opportunity to participate in the gay parade. The laws are in the favor of gays and visitors can spend quality time with their partners. Berlin is one of the safest sex tourism destinations in the world.

Travel tour packages to expose hidden attractions in Berlin, Germany

Have you ever been to Germany? People staying in other parts of the world would always regard this as a pleasure trip. Exploring various parts of the country with its history and heritage will be a pleasure. Berlin tour as organized by Urban Adventure is really attractive with the mesmerizing flavors of locals. Once you have visited the Berlin city, you will come back again to enjoy its different styles. The beauty of nature is really appreciable along with its picturesque view. Photographers will be really happy to shoot pictures over here.

Highlights of the tour

  • Visitors will be really happy to gain knowledge from Jewish history and culture in Berlin
  • Urban Adventures will be able to show all hidden spots in Berlin which is only known by the locals
  • It will be really mesmerizing to visit the oldest bakery in Berlin and sample some treats with traditional German
  • Over the last century, Berlin has changed a lot with advancement in construction and development. You will be able to have a view of all these being a traveler
  • The backdrop of stunning Humboldt University will be known by the traveler within the Berlin tour
  • ‘Palace of tears’ is an important tourist destination in Berlin.  You can also know about the meaning behind the phrase

Tour style

Heritage and history, walking and orientation, local life and culture


You will be provided with a good tourist guide having knowledge of the local language


Tips and gratuide to the guide, items of personal nature such as gifts and other collectables

Group size and other information

Maximum of 12 people will be taken in the tour. The duration of tour will be 4 hours. The pickup point will be the entrance of Melia hotel.

You have to get ready at 10am in the morning. The drop off location is also fixed at Berlin wall memorial.

Voucher and other information

Presenting the voucher at the beginning of the tour will be an important fact. You must hand over the voucher to the tourist guide before starting the tour.

Another important fact is the act of booking confirmation. You must contact Berlin Urban Adventure 24 hours before the departure schedule. You can either call them up or simply send them an email for making the confirmation of the booking.

Dress standard

You must get a good pair of comfortable shoes for walking. If you visit the place during the rainy season, it will be mandatory to use the wet weather gear.

The tourist management team allows children between 6 to 11 years. Since, it is about walking tour in Berlin, individual who are below 6 years of age will not be allowed.


The fascinating side of Berlin’s history will be will be discovered by individuals within the Berlin tour. You can explore such places which have never been discovered by people before. These places are only known by the local people residing in Berlin. The local tourist guide will take you to the ‘Palace of tears’. It will be fascinating to know about the story behind the name of the palace. The history behind this palace is tears of millions of people who lost their family members in the cold war in Berlin. This is the fact where east and west were divided. The Jewish children were sent to the camps.

The city’s university quarter is known as the next part of Berlin tour. Here you can easily look at the beautiful Humboldt University palace. It will be very interesting to reach the place where the notorious book burning took place in the year 1933. The next stop for you will be the Museum Island. You will be very happy to visit the UNESCO world heritage site which includes variety of museums. Knowing about the queen of the island is also possible.

The next destination for you will be the Jewish quarter. People visiting this place will always admire New Synagogue. This is one of the most beautiful buildings in Berlin which is used for creating world class photography. The Jewish heritage is also an important fact to discover and learn in Berlin tour.

The oldest Bakeries in Berlin is another fascinating place within the tour package. The traditional German delicacy will be appreciated by you as well as your family members within the tour package.

The hidden backstreets of Berlin is another important destination in Berlin City. The local guide associated with you have all knowledge to explain every spot.


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