Activities while on rural tourism

With lush green landscapes presenting stunning features along with bright climatic conditions, rural tourism has lots to offer. Frankly speaking, no other tourism destination can offer such exciting outdoor activities than the rural destinations where the tourists have many options to choose from.  Holidaying in a rural destination does not solely mean lazing indoors as nature with its bountiful attractions will compel you to indulge in various outdoor activities.


Undertaking long strolls amidst nature is always rejuvenating. Country sides offer a pollution free environment with oxygen rich air. .The lush greenery and the woods adorned with green foliage pump fresh oxygen into the atmosphere infusing a new life. Early morning walks along urban roadsides is certainly no match against a brisk rural stride.


This recreational activity can be carried out peacefully only in a rural setting without any disturbance. The fresh catch from the ponds satisfies the gastronomical desire of the urban tourist apart from the mental and physical pleasure. A nominal fee in exchange would give a financial support to the rural folk. The aquatic life gets recycled, the fish grow and get caught to be served at the table, and the wonderful thing is it all happens with a flow of money from the urban tourist to enrich the financial base of the rural folk.

Exploring farms:

This is a novel way of learning the tricks of farming and also exploring possibilities that lay latent. The potentials of alternate farming can be tapped and it would be a source of acquiring useful knowledge by the combined team of urban and rural folk.


Hiking along rural highlands is immensely beneficial for the physical and mental well being. Carry your hiking accessories and hire a guide. Help from the guide makes the adventure more feasible that takes a finite shape.

Nature trails:

Trailing along woods and forests is a breath taking experience. Hire a guide who can steer you forward through the green, pollution free setting directed at immense physical and mental pleasure. Spot of color radiated by bush flowers, the flash of hovering butterflies and concerted bird songs conjure up a wonderful environment bringing in perpetual physical and mental bliss.


Boating brings in tons of mental and physical goodness to the urban tourist in exchange for a flow of money to the boat owner in the form of a riding fee. Exploring the flora and fauna of the water bodies through boating can be very exciting. It is advisable to have the owner in your hired boat so that he can serve you as a boating guide and may help you in case any distress befalls.


Swimming is a great recreational activity no doubt, but do check the depth and quality of water before exposing your skin directly to the rural water bodies. Well maintained ponds and pools will be a safer choice. Potential dangers from submerged rocks, aquatic fauna and flora may pose a threat to the swimmer. If the water body is absolutely hazard free and your swimming skills are alright there cannot be a better exercise than this.

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