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7 Best beach destinations in Europe for budget traveler

Best beach destinations in Europe for budget traveler

Europeans love beaches, and would always jump at the chance of visiting a beach destination. And it doesn’t come as a surprise to note that beach destinations around Europe welcome the most number of tourists every year! However, not all of these beach destination come cheap, and a holiday in some of these places can literally burn a hole through your pocket. But that doesn’t mean you need to forgo your holiday by the beach. If you are willing to travel just a bit further, there are some beach destinations around Europe that cater to beach lovers, and remain budget friendly. And here are some of those places!

Sunny Beach in Bulgaria

A 5 kilometer stretch of black sand that for remains crowded for the most part of the day, the Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is one of those beaches you can visit during a spring break Not that it matters if you visit during any other time of the year as well, for the aura around the beach would resemble a spring break throughout the year.

The beach is located close to the Burgas Airport and has plenty of standard budget friendly accommodation and dining options for travelers. Choose to stay in any one of the 1000 hotels that line the sandy shores. Dine in the beach side restaurants and cafes. And pop into a club or bar as the sun sets, to enjoy a party that goes on till the wee hours of the morning. There are plenty of happy hour deals and fellow Europeans to keep you company here.

Mamaia Beach in Romania

Similar to the Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, the Mamaia Beach in Romania is a quaint little stretch of sandy shores located near the port town of Constanta (the biggest on the Black Sea). The beach is lined with approximately 200 hotels that offer quality accommodation and dining facilities for amazingly cheap prices. And the MihailKogalniceanu International Airport is located nearby, thereby cutting down your travel time and costs to an extent. The only issue that you would need to anticipate is the lack of fellow Europeans, as most of the people who visit the beach are either local Romanians or tourists who come from nearby regions.

Tenerife Island in Spain

Located in the Canary Islands, the Tenerife Island in Spain is a quintessential beach destination, complete with pristine sandy beaches, alluring ocean waters, quality accommodation, world class restaurants and plenty of recreational activities for visitors. And all these come at a significantly cheaper price than those available on the other islands in the Canaries.

The months of July –August are the high season months, and you can pretty much expect the beaches to be crowded during this period. Nevertheless, it won’t be all that hard to find a perfect spot for yourself on the sandy shores. To top it all off, the island boasts of having its own airports, with the Tenerife South Airport being closest to the islands’ beaches.

Kos Island in Greece

Slightly better in terms of quality and standard than other Greek islands that are available for the same price, Kos Island in Greece is easily connected to the European mainland via cheap flights from operators like Ryan Air that land at the Kos International Airport. Another selling point of Kos is the amazingly cheap ‘All Inclusive’ package deals you can secure at several 3 star hotels and beach resorts around the island.

Antalya in Turkey

Located close to the Antalya Airport in Turkey, Antalya is a region that is very popular with beach lovers worldwide, thanks to many good quality beach side accommodation and dining choices you can get for extremely cheap prices. And the regions’ year-round pleasant weather attracts tourists from far and wide.

In addition to the stunning beaches, Antalya has some pretty interesting tourist attractions for its guests, including several historic sites in the town center. And while the more expensive resorts are present on the eastern area of the town, the more budget friendly, but really luxurious options can be found west of the town center.

Milos Island in Greece

Located close to the Athens International Airport, the Milos Island in Greece can be reached via a 3 hour ferry ride from the mainland. The island remains off the beaten track, with just about a 100 hotels or so lining its sun kissed beaches.

An apparent highlight of vacationing in Milos Island is its close proximity to the country’s capital, Athens.  You can easily take a ferry ride to the capital and enjoy a day of sightseeing around the capital. Added to this are the cheap accommodation and dining options on the island, and the really low air fares from other cities around the world to Athens. No wonder then that Milos Island happens to be a favorite among many budget conscious European travelers.

Benidorm in Costa Blanca, Spain

Slightly expensive, but still affordable by the budget conscious European, Benidorm in Costa Blanca has it all! A beautiful sandy white beach that stretches for over 200 kilometers, crystal blue ocean waters, plenty of luxurious hotels and resorts at really cheap prices, lots and lots of budget dining options and loads of recreational activities to keep  you entertained throughout your holiday. The 200 kilometer stretch of sandy shoreline would make it easier for tourists to find a place of their choice on this sun kissed island.

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