How To Effectively Deal With A Breakup And Move On

Your relationship has ended and your old routines just don’t apply anymore. You want to make a fresh start. In this article, we’ll be focusing on the best steps to take post-breakup. These steps will ensure that you immediately return to your best self and keep going beyond to reach a new level of self-development that you have never reached before.

You will use this breakup experience as a springboard and this is how:


How to heal your Emotional Wounds

If you are someone who has unfortunately faced betrayal in a relationship, and you want to hold on and do not want to let go of your relationship but you are finding doing this really hard, then go through these following tips, which can certainly help you achieve what you are trying to.


1. Shutting yourself up isn’t a Good Idea

God is love and is that the infinite supply of affection, however, so as to faucet into the infinite supply of affection, embodying it – imperishable dotty and sharing it – we’d like to be receptive it. Here is wherever the matter lies. As terrible babies, we have a tendency to close our hearts as a result of a life that was too painful for us to manage. The sole way we could manage it absolutely was to shut down and stay in our head – shutting out the deeply painful feelings in our body from rejection, abandonment, shaming, humiliation, smothering, engulfment, invasiveness, physical and sex crime.


2. Think of the Pain and the Plan of Action well in Advance

Since most of our folks had not planned the way to manage their own painful feelings, they too were packed up. This is often however that we have a tendency to believe that love is scarce. Now, as adults, many of us still believe that love is restricted. Jealousy, greed, and attachment anxiety all indicate the assumption that not solely is love restricted, however, it’s to be attained or controlled.

When your heart is closed to safeguard yourself from pain, then the love that’s God cannot enter your heart and fill you with what you’re seeking. Once you cannot expertise the infinite love that’s invariably offered to you, then you think that others ought to be your supply of affection. Of course, this is often why it seems like it’s scarce.


3. Open your Heart

In order to grasp that love is infinitely abounding, you would like to open your heart. Love and pain reside within the same place within the heart, thus after we close to pain, we have a tendency to additionally close to like. Therefore the secret’s to be willing to feel your pain, which is the first step of inner Bonding.

However, typically the pain of the past is much too huge to manage alone. You will discover that when you bear deep pain you are ready to open and convey love and compassion to your own pain, the concern of the pain slowly goes away. Gradually, you will be more open and more receiving. You will be a heart full of love and compassion. All you need to do is open your heart!


4. Re-Looking at your Past

A past love of mine recently affected back to the city once a few decades in Asia. We tend to haven’t seen one another in an exceedingly whereas, and on a snowy evening, over a really pleasant dinner, we tend to catch one another au courant our lives. one in each of the massive things we tend to mentioned was the link that had taken him to the metropolis — that lasted concerning 3 years before the fervor cryptically diminished. I pushed and prodded my friend, asking him if he might make a case for why the flame died.


5. It isn’t a Failure

“I suppose it had been simply that we tend to rely most on one another. Once a short time, perhaps it had been simply an excessive amount of. In the end, she felt a lot of sort of a sister to Maine. And we’re still sensible friends. However, the romance is gone — and that I guess sometimes I do feel at a loss concerning why that is the case. “But I learned plenty from the expertise — concerning the way to be in an exceeding relationship, and the way to create little sacrifices, and the way to essentially put up someone,” he said. “It ended, sure, however, I do not see it as a failure.”


6. Try a Different Approach

But maybe an improved approach to require, once any romance ends, is this: Tell yourself that because of the link, you have improved your relationship “skill set” and you’ve got learned a lot of concerning yourself — what you’ll be able to contend with, what you cannot, and what you yourself got to improve on. You are a very little a lot of realistic concerning what is out there, who you are.


7. Don’t be bitter about it

You are only going to be able to learn and move forward if you aren’t bitter about it. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you will never move on and simply be holding a grudge for your ex. Look at things practically and it will not seem as bad as it does. Break offs happen and they are the law of the land. You have to deal with them and if you deal with them positively, you are going to be happier and at the same time, you are going to become a better person.


8. Realize that your partner did not break a promise because of you

In some cases, it is seen that the one who suffers heartbreak because of a broken promise starts feeling guilty and think that it is their fault that their partner has betrayed them.

This is a part of the depression, in which their self-esteem is so hurt that they start finding faults in themselves only. Any boyfriend, girlfriend, or husband and wife, whoever goes through this phase should try and realize that they are in no way responsible for their partner’s act of betrayal. Human beings act according to their own will and they themselves are responsible for their actions. So there is no need to take the blame unnecessarily, and do not let the guilt take a place in your heart.


9. Ponder over your role behind your partner’s act of betrayal

Although the one who betrays is a culprit and he is solely responsible for his act of betrayal, but such happening calls for a close examination of the overall health of a relationship as well. By this, we mean, that the roles of both the partners must be taken into consideration and both should analyze their respective roles in the relationship.

The sufferer should consider his/her role in the whole phenomena and should try to figure out the areas where their behavior must not have been that good for their partner.


10. Let the healing start

Once you have found out the actual reason behind your partner’s behavior, let the healing process begin. Start with the analysis of your present feelings, how you feel now after finding the exact reason. What are the chances of forgiving your partner?

Note down your feelings in a diary every day, and then on a regular basis compare your present-day feeling with the past day and analyze the shift from hatred and anger to forgiveness and love.


11. Start thinking about the nature of your love relationship in future

Once you start getting feelings of love and forgiveness, start thinking about your future with your partner. What all changes you want in your partner and yourself also, so that you both can lead a happy life together in your relationship.

You need to communicate your expectations to your partner regarding your future relationship, and make sure you do not start making accusations; otherwise, you will revert to stage one instead of moving further.


Relationship Tips: 9 Post Breakup Tips

1. Start Going To The Gym

Regular exercise not only reduces your risks of getting one of the big killers such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, but it also releases endorphins which make you feel exhilarated and happy.

Focus on increasing muscle mass and reducing your body fat ratio (consult a professional at your local gym). Your body will be in better shape and you’ll get a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Embrace this newfound attention and enjoy it. It will help you move on and have some fun.

2. Improve Your Diet

We have a great article about Superfoods that you should read here. Enjoying a high nutrient and low-fat diet will give you both a physical and a mental boost. The most important part of a healthy exercise plan is an appropriate diet. Get the diet wrong and you could be exercising without any results. On the other hand, if you get the diet right, you can see dramatic changes in as little as 4-8 weeks, depending on your fitness level at the beginning of the routine.

3. Find A New Hobby

What is it that you’ve always wanted to try? It could be a martial art, a language class or an extreme sport. Use the extra free time to socialize and learn some new skills. The added advantage of learning a new hobby is that they make for great date ideas.

4. Go Out

Pick some activities or events that you can go to. Go out to bars or clubs, depending on your preference. Take your friends out and don’t turn down any invitations. Enjoy your new-found freedom, you’ve earned it.

5. Retail Therapy

Retail therapy is a temporary fix, but a fix it is nonetheless. Buy a nice watch, a wallet, or even some shoes. Make sure they look stylish. You want to make a great impression wherever you go.

6. Get A Better Haircut

That generic haircut that you’ve been settling into just won’t cut it anymore. Spend a little bit more and let a stylist tell you how to do it. They’re the experts so just let them work their magic and enjoy the new look.

7. Go To A Spa and Pamper Yourself

Spend some time taking care of yourself and don’t be afraid to go by yourself. Spas and health retreats are often filled with single people. Use this as an opportunity to relax and take your mind off things, while at the same time giving you a chance to meet some new like-minded people.

8. Keep Busy

Get busy doing whatever you can. Plan your days and fill them with duties and dates at regular intervals. Your mind will be occupied with the things you’re doing so you have no time to think about anything else. This new-found momentum and efficiency will drive you to achieve more in a shorter amount of time which brings us to:

9. Time

The passing of time is the greatest healer of pain. By focusing on the previous 8 steps, we allow the passage of time and the fading of memories to allow you to move on with your life. By the end of this process, you will be transformed. Your future partner/s will be glad you made the effort, and your past partners will wish they never let you go.


Getting on The right Track


1. Signs that reveal your readiness for a new relationship

Some people do not understand the importance of being mentally and emotionally ready for a new relationship, thus, they jump too fast into a new relationship, and unfortunately, they happen to fail in it miserably. One should never be desperate after a breakup to start a new relationship altogether, rather they should give themselves some time and should only move further when they see some of the following signs in themselves:


2. You are not desperate to find the right one

Post-breakup when you make peace with your singlehood and you are not desperate to find the right and the new one, probably that is when you are actually ready to move on in life. On the other hand, if you crave too much for a new relationship and you hate being single, there are enough possibilities that you would get hooked up to someone who knows how to make use of your weaknesses and not the one who truly loves you.


3. You know what you want

A breakup teaches us a lot, especially what qualities and personality traits you want and what you do not want in your new partner. This knowledge can come handy and can make your new relationship blissful.


4. No regrets and blaming anymore

Every breakup has a different and unique story behind, and only a couple knows what went wrong between both of them. Going into a denial mode soon after a breakup is fine, as it happens with many people. Denial here means blaming each other responsible for the breakup, however, the majority of the times both the partners are responsible for a breakup to take place. After an initial period of denial, if embraces acceptance and starts to believe and realize their own fault as well, there can be nothing better than this. This kind of realization takes away all the guilt, regret, and remorse from one’s heart, and this is one sure shot sign that reveals your readiness for a brand new and a better relationship.


5. You are much beyond the comparison stage

Some people jump too fast to new relationships post-breakups and all they do is compare their new partners with their ex’s. This happens when one gets into a new relationship just in order to fill the gaps in their life after a breakup.


6. Readiness to get rid of your shortcomings

Once you realize that the role you played in your previous relationship was equally responsible for your breakup, it would become easier for you to get rid of your shortcomings and bad habits. Realization seems to be the only way that can compel you to change yourself, especially when yours is a rigid personality.

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