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Simple Tips to help you decorate your Mobile Home Living Room Space

If you are living in a mobile home, then you would most probably be aware of the décor constraints that come with these homes, including low ceilings, vinyl wallpaper and paneled walls. However, these constraints don’t need to come in your way of decorating your mobile home to stand out from the rest of the mobile homes in the area. Here are some tips to help you with the same.


Fix the Walls

Mobile homes usually come with walls covered in vinyl strips and vertical moldings that would not be a pretty sight. Remove these strips and apply some joint compound on the walls. Texture the wall and then paint it in rich colors in order to make the room stand out. The texture and paint would conceal any remaining vinyl strips, giving your mobile home living room a rich, elegant look.

Keep a check on furniture size

Stacking your mobile home with big furniture pieces would make the rooms look cramped. So stay away from large, bulky furniture pieces and opt for pieces that fit the room dimensions. Refrain from buying sectionals and sofas that block the passages between the rooms. Also make it a point to stay away from standing bookshelves and armoires that can make the rooms look dark. Keep the living room free of clutter in order to give it a roomy feel. Not to mention, you would get extra room to navigate freely.

Decorate individual rooms with complementary colors and décor

The disadvantage of owing a mobile home is that it’s narrow, linear design would make the living room the central hallway which can be visible from all the other rooms in the home and vice versa. So make sure you follow the same décor theme in all the rooms, or at least the rooms that are visible from the living room. This would make your home mobile home more attractive.

For instance, if your living room is connected with the kitchen, make sure the theme and colors you choose for the living room flow seamlessly into the kitchen as well. This would prevent scenarios wherein your living room and kitchen (or any other room) have contrasting themes or colors. For example, you won’t get a pretty picture if your living room follows a contemporary design while the kitchen follows a rustic, country look.


There is no need to worry about how to decorate your mobile home living room space. Keep these tips in mind when choosing the theme, color and interiors for the room, and come up with a design that impresses everyone.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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