Our brain is a very flexible tool. It will get used to disciplined thoughts and routines if you try. One of the biggest reasons behind failure is the absence of concentration and discipline. To be successful you must start organizing your workspace and your thoughts. A person is not equally active throughout the day. Some people are more conscious in the morning and some others love to work late at night.


You must first recognize the most active and creative hours during the day. You should work during those periods to be more productive and work with more efficiency. For this, you will have to ask your self some basic questions and review your daily routines. Do you find it difficult to work in the mornings? Or do you feel sleepy as soon as it is 10.30 pm? Your own habits and routines will determine which is the perfect working hours for you. Tackle difficult tasks in the periods of creativity.

Getting more work done in less amount of time is how you will be able to enhance your productivity. The first step is definitely recognizing your active hours and making convenient schedules accordingly. The next and more important step is to reduce the number of distractions during work.


Many professionals are unable to concentrate on work because they do not know how to stop wasting time. You need to figure out how your time is getting wasted. Curb the number of tea or coffee breaks you take. Often a coffee break gets stretched beyond the allotted fifteen minutes.

Sometimes people engage in chitchats with their colleagues and waste big chunk of time doing so. The truth is if you let your mind be diverted once then you will not be able to focus on work for a long time. A well-organized person who keeps his or her desk clean and clutter free is better able to focus on work. Keep your desk clean and compartmentalize the files and other work stuff so that they are easily accessible. Reduce the number of coffee breaks you take. Instead of gossiping with your colleagues or calling a friend on phone or texting your love interest you should do some light stretching exercise and snack on a fruit before getting back to work. Minimizing the distractions will enhance your focus.


Every working professional wants to enhance his or her attention level. For increasing productivity, and getting more done within less time you should get accustomed to a well organized routine.