Too often, we get caught up in the grueling grind of daily life and its myriad obstacles. We start focusing on overcoming these hurdles and living for the moment rather than thinking of the bigger picture. Eventually, we start losing the very purpose of our lives and start running around in circles. And that is when we realize that a life without purpose is no good a life at all.

Why is purpose necessary?

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A purpose in life is a clear vision that would propel you forward towards a beautiful future, overcoming every single obstacle along the way. It will give you joy in the form of a longer life and more fulfilling relationships, be it at office or home. It will inspire you to work harder to fulfill obligations while ensuring that you feel happy doing them. It will chase away the fears of life passing you by and encourage you to enjoy the same a little bit with each passing day.

4 Essential Practices that you can adapt to define the purpose of your life

Here are 6 practices that if followed regularly, can define the purpose of your life and make the latter more meaningful.

  1. Give time for meditation

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Our body derives its power from an internal energy source which is able to affect us on the external level as well. With time, the power starts dwindling and preventing us from performing with the same energy as before.

Meditating for at least a couple of minutes every day would help us tap into this internal energy source directly. It would also help us magnetize our body to the more positive things in life, thereby helping us foray ahead in our quest to reach our dreams.

  1. Seek out your fears and face them

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Fear is one of the main hindrances that come in the way of any dream. Fear has the ability to manifest itself deep into one’s mind and heart. It has the ability to multiply itself substantially and make even a mole hill look like a mountain.

Train your mind to identify the fears that you face every day. These may be as simple as the small cockroach that never wants to leave your bathroom or as big as the financial troubles you are in. Identifying your fears is the first step to abolishing them.

Once you have identified your fears, start facing them one by one. Train your mind to practice self-awareness in order to dispel these fears and focus your attention on more important things.

  1. Learn to embrace the new by letting go of the old

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Sometimes, we tend to get stuck in the same cycle of friends, relationships and jobs. And sometimes, it is best if we let go of the things that are holding us back. Holding onto the old in certain cases, will only give you false security in everything.

So make it a point to start embracing new things while letting go of the old ones as you move forward towards your dreams. Letting go of all the things that no longer contribute to your growth would automatically help you move forward with few hindrances.

  1. Don’t wait to be saved

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Some of us tend to wait for the knight in shining armor to rescue us from the tower and take us to a safer place. The thing is, knights belong only in stories. And the concept of happily ever after never actually exists until you do something on your part to reach it. So stop believing in being saved, and learn to save yourself.

Saving yourself will also allow you to live life by your terms instead of adhering to someone else’s. This would, in turn, help you reach an inner harmony you never knew existed. This inner harmony would eventually turn out to be your ‘happily ever after’.

Inner peace on the professional and personal front is not that hard to achieve. In order to enjoy a harmonious life, you need to define its purpose first and find out what truly makes you happy.