Dr Prem’s Health Insurance (Medical Insurance ) Guide is a comprehensive guide to provide information about the various aspects of medical insurance. They range from getting to know the basics, the different types of health insurance plans to some tips that you can use while choosing a plan as well as filing for an insurance claim.

Guidebook Index

Health Insurance Guide Book Introduction
What is health insurance?
Importance of health insurance
Working of health insurance
Health insurance plans
How health insurance differs from life insurance?
Role of TPA.
Individual and group insurance
Workmen compensation
Global benefits
Managed healthcare
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
Point of Service (POSs)
Indemnity Insurance plans
Temporary health insurance
Evaluating health insurance companies
How to obtain an affordable health policy?
Premium of health insurance policy
Healthcare services that medical insurance covers
Pre existing conditions
Health insurance policy exclusions
How to choose a health insurance policy
Tips for choosing a health insurance policy
Understanding guidelines of your health insurance plan
Cashless Mediclaim
Medical reimbursement
SOAP note
Maintaining proper documentation
How to file a claim
Tax Saving on medical insurance