Dr. Prem to provide Social media strategic guidance

The team of Dr Prem and Associates headed by Dr Prem Jagyasi and award-winning global leader and social media influencer has entered in an agreement with the Dalmia MedTrip to provide digital marketing and social media guidance to help them expand their offerings to international market.


Dalmia Med Trip was incorporated in 2014 as a part of Dalmia Biz, a Dalmia group company engaged in organizing the unorganized sectors in India. Dalmia MedTrip is functioning as a medical and wellness tourism services provider offering end-to-end service and support to medical travelers from any corner of the globe.

Medical tourism business is expanding at a rapid pace. For a new entrant to position itself in this highly competitive market, taking to online social media marketing is the best way to fast build a loyal customer base. Therefore, the partnership with Dr. Prem, an old hand at medical tourism consultancy and social media strategic guidance, is of immense significance from Dalmia MedTrip ’s business point of view.

Importance of social media online strategy:


One cannot deny that most of the businesses and a significant segment of the customers are active on social media. Social media engagement is not just a trend or fad but it is going to stay. With on-the-go connectivity of global population through smartphones, content consumption through online social media sharing has grown stupendously.

Therefore, product and service promotion through digital social media has a great influence on customer behavior which can highly impact the bottom line. But without a well carved social media strategy, things would go topsy-turvy without fetching the desired result.

Proper strategic planning is vital in every step right from finding and expanding the target audience to driving in website traffic, lead generation, customer engagement and conversions. Social media strategy is very cost effective as it involves very little or zero costs but increases the exposure of the organization and helps in building brand awareness.

Building online reputation is not easy. One has to be very careful to make its online presence felt in the market and shine in the crowd. Even if a business has a strong offline presence, its online activity can be the game changer.

Dr. Prem’s profile and expertise– adding more value to the strategic guidance:


Dr. Prem’s proven track record in social media strategic guidance backed by a technically efficient team will go a long way in helping Dalmia MedTrip achieve its business goals. His professional expertise in medical and wellness tourism consultancy is an added advantage for Dalmia MedTrip that would help in strategy framing taking into account the requirements and preferences of medical travelers from anywhere in the world.

Being a globally recognized keynote speaker, his impressive influence on all the popular online platforms and great fan following will also add more value in building a strong online reputation in the global medical tourism service market.