• Medical Treatment

    New Visa Waiver program increasing tourism between Russia and South Korea

    An agreement was signed on November 13, 2013, between Russia and South Korea, which allows people of...

  • doctor showing x-ray

    Medical Tourism continues to flourish in USA

    Medical tourism is a flourishing industry. Many insurance companies are strategizing policies to pro...

  • lady doctor and patient

    Ethical issues to consider when looking at medical tourism

    Generally, the American Medical tourists save a substantial amount with their medical tourism bills,...

  • dental treatment

    Panama attracts medical tourists with dental surgery options

    Medical tourism is slowly blooming with more and more people enjoying the cost effective good qualit...

  • medical tourism costs

    Understanding medical tourism costs with the aid of price comparison sites

    Medical tourism businesses are undergoing a selection of insurance policies or medical tourism place...

Medical Tourism Update

Medical Treatment

New Visa Waiver program increasing tourism between Russia and South Korea

An agreement was signed on November 13, 2013, between Russia and South Korea, which allows people of both the countries ...

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doctor showing x-ray

Medical Tourism continues to flourish in USA

Medical tourism is a flourishing industry. Many insurance companies are strategizing policies to provide insurance that can be valid for ...

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Saudi German Hospital in Dubai is the only hospital to receive a medical tourism certificate in Middle East

The MTQUA awards medical tourism certification to hospitals and clinics that work in order to achieve the international standard of ...

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Medical Tourism: fastest-growing sector in Asian business market

Medical tourism has made a great progress in the Asian market. Considering the low cost and almost equal standard of ...

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Medical Tourism Guide Book


How to rejuvenate your post-retirement life through medical tourism abroad

With the fact that Medicare is not applicable overseas and private health insurance in countries like the US is not ...

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Need for healthcare marketing

With the growth in the sector of medical tourism, the need for global healthcare marketing has risen extremely during the ...

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Role of various media in the promotion of medical tourism

Promotion is the method you use to spread the world about your product or service to your customers. Once you ...

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A comprehensive guide to medical tourism marketing

Billions of people travel to another country for lower-cost medical or dental treatment each year. Medical tourism is thousands of ...

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Medical Tourism Destinations


Inflow of Doctors spruces up Indian Medical Tourism

Every year, many patients travel outside their countries in the search of quality care at affordable prices. India is one ...

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Making Vegas the next best healthcare destination

Health tourism industry is growing and expanding continuously with time and the advancement of technology. Despite of the economical downfalls ...

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Malaysia emerging as a popular medical tourism destination for Omanis

Malaysia is emerging out to be the most preferred medical tourism destination for the Omanis and the number is increasing ...

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Best destinations for undergoing plastic surgery procedures

With the tremendous developments in technology, medical tourism has turned out to be a strong and flourishing industry. As a ...

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Medical Tourism Procedure Guide


Transparency is the key factor in the growth of medical tourism

With the world becoming a global village and the advent of modern technologies, medical tourism industry is blooming and has ...

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Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) – Common Medical Tourism Procedures

Definition: Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is an in vitro procedure that is usually performed to treat male fertility problems.   A ...

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Sperm Retrieval Procedure – Common Medical Tourism Procedures

Definition: Sperm retrieval is a collective term used for variety of surgical procedures that are performed to obtain sperm other ...

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Egg Donation – Common Medical Tourism Procedures

Definition: The egg donation process enables a woman to become pregnant who is not capable of producing healthy eggs due ...

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Medical Tourism Research


How can medical tourism save public healthcare-wary Americans from Obamacare

For a better part of the last 100 years, the US has been at the forefront of the capitalist world. ...

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How Medical Tourism supports a country’s economy

The rise in medical tourism has created a financial backup for several economies, thus helping to boost them up. A ...

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How to select the best medical tourism destination for you

Many patients, who do not find appropriate medical treatment in their own countries or simply cannot afford it, prefer to ...

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Nigerians spend more than N120 Billion on medical tours abroad, claims NMA chief

Nigerian elite class and the countries have been notorious for seeking medical treatments abroad for quite some time. even though ...

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Understanding Medical Tourism


What is Medical Tourism and why is it popular globally?

Have you been ridden by a disease which has no treatment in your own hometown? Then it is time that ...

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Understanding Travel, Medical & Cost benefits of Medical Tourism for the patient

Today, modest yet world-class surgeries are simply a flight away. Anyhow the downpour of data accessible out there can overpower ...

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Increasing popularity of outbound medical tourism

Medical tourism is the most rapidly developing outbound tourism sector in the Middle East and the travel industry reports that ...

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What does a brand mean in medical tourism

In the present market of medical tourism, an increasing number of countries are competing for international patient worldwide. Therefore, it ...

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Understanding Cost of Medical Tourism

Funds for Medical Coverage

How does medical tourism reduce a patient’s cost?

Medical tourism is a term that is slowly gaining a lot of prominence in today’s age. While many doubted the ...

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Cost of companion expenses when budgeting for medical tourism

Did you forget to calculate the costs of having your companion escort you? Your travel companion will incur almost all ...

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Cost of travel and air ambulance insurance when budgeting for medical tourism

The travel insurance is very important to carry while you travel, as it can protect you from unforeseen expenses in ...

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Budgeting for unexpected expenses during medical tourism

Since the element of surprise is inherent in any vacation, it might be beneficial to keep ‘emergency funds’ in store ...

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Evaluating quality of healthcare facility


The tremendous transfiguration of medical tourism in Dubai

Dubai has already emerged as one of the best tourism destinations and the high-level treatments and care facilities available at ...

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How will Obama care benefit Medical Tourism opportunities for USA patients?

Over the globe, entrepreneurial people and associations are taking a gander at the likelihood of giving therapeutic tourism administrations at ...

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Growing prospects of medical tourism in the Philippines

Medical tourism industry in Philippines has not grown as much as it has in other South Asian countries like Singapore, ...

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How to strengthen medical tourism brand

Brands are valuable assets for any organization as it helps in smooth running of the business and promise intangible wealth ...

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