World’s ten most secluded beaches for the solitary traveler

Sea beaches have attracted travelers for several decades and have been the holiday destination of millions of people. They have a charm of their own and bring out the fun-loving side of us. Beaches are great for having group fun and taking part in games like discus throwing and volleyball. One thing that bothers us is the fact that there are generally too many people on the crowd. Not all of us like to be seen or ogled at in our beach garb. People for whom their privacy is important the beach is not probably the ideal holiday spot. Money can buy every worldly thing and beaches are not exceptions. There are private beaches and some resorts also own portions of the beach where only the guests can play or take a dip. Sadly the private beaches are not available to the travelers. The solitary traveler who dislikes the buzz of the beach yet wants to enjoy the scenic beauty of it there are some secluded beaches around the world where they won’t be disturbed much. Following is a list of such beautiful, lonely beaches, which are just perfect for any solitary traveler.

1. Carova Beach, Outer Banks

At the outer banks of North Carolina, you would find a beautiful and wide beach where people do not go often. That makes the Carova Beach the ideal place if you want to enjoy the idyllic beauty of the sea alone or with a special someone. The bad transportation system has saved this beach from the attack of too many tourists. If you are ready to go against the tide, this beach is just perfect you. This part of the ocean is good for surfing. If surfing with a closed group of friends or practicing it for the joy of it is your motto, then choose this North Carolina beach.

2. Bowman’s Beach

If you go 25 miles southwest of Fort Myers in Florida, you will find the pristine, white, dreamy Sanibel Island’s beaches. There was a time when these beaches had few visitors but with the scarcity of secluded beaches they became popular and now you will have to walk a quarter of a mile to find the Bowman’s Beach which is still an offbeat and secluded beach. Take your own snacks and drinks because there are no shops or facilities available here.

3. Kaihalulu, Hawaii

If you have guts and love to take adventure trips then the Kaihalulu beach or the Red Sand beach is perfect for you. It is located in the south of Maui’s Hana Bay. Reaching this secluded red sand beach can be difficult, but the scenic view will be truly rewarding. The water here is wild and you should be cautious about swimming.

4. Salema Beach

Travelers who love exploring new locales and experience different culture would like to visit the Salema Beach. In the Algarve region of Portugal, there is a small village named Salema where anglers live. The Salema beach is adjoined to this beach. The seafood is tasty and the lodging doesn’t cost much.

5. Dry Tortugas

Perfect for bird watchers and nature lovers, this unconventional part of the Dry Tortugas National Park can be reached only by a boat or by plane. If you love adventure then this is the place to be. Tortugas refers to the sea turtles.

6. Orient Beach State Park

If you don’t like going without the amenities of life yet want to visit a secluded beach then the Orient Beach State Park is ideal for you. It is located at the tip of Long Island’s North Fork. At the 300-foot wide beach, you will get an area for picnic, a park and even barbecue grills.

7. Duong Dong Beach

For the travelers who love to explore faraway destinations, the Duong Dong beach is the most suitable one. The Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam has several beautiful beaches among which the Duong Dong is fairly secluded and not yet severely haunted by travelers. The white sand and the mildly warm water will make you truly happy.

8. Roque Bluffs State Park

If you visit the Roque Bluffs State Park in Maine, you will surely love to pay a visit to the nearby Englishman’s Bay as well. Though the water is pretty cold, the view is unmatched to say the least. Some time spent at this secluded beaches will restore your inner peace.

9. Rialto Beach

It is hard to imagine that there can be a pristine beach with excellent natural beauty so close to the humming Washington. The Rialto beach is great for solitary travelers who love to appreciate nature without disturbance.

10. Huanchaco Beach

Solitary travelers, who love surfing and playing with the wild sea waves, should visit the Huanchaco beach located in Peru. The best season for travelers is between December and March.


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