World’s strangest bars you would love to visit

Bars are meant to provide human with an opportunity to enjoy their alcoholic drinks when they are exhausted from their daily works. Human being a social animal, always desires to be in a group and have fun with his near and dear ones. The success and popularity of the bars are dependent on the ambience and overall service provided. The interior decoration also plays a pivotal role in popularizing a bar. If the bar is designed in an unusual way, it can also attract enough travelers to experience the ambience and service of the bars at least once. Let us discuss few of such bars those have quite unfamiliar structures and becoming popular now.

Red Sea Star Bar

Red Sea Star Bar is located in Israel. This is probable the first ever underwater bar and restaurant constructed in world. The Red Sea Star Bar is also termed as an observatory as it provides its visitors with an opportunity to experience the marine life through its glass walls. The tables in the restaurant have two windows to the sides. The visitors can clearly witness the marine life in the colorful coral garden peeping through the glass windows. The bar offers almost every kind of alcoholic drinks and the restaurant mainly has continental dishes to offer.

Skeleton Bar

The Skeleton Bar is Switzerland is designed by Hans Rudi Giger who has enormous experience working as a graphic designer in alien based movies. He was won many awards for his performance and efficiency on the silver screen. He has also an Oscar for best special effects to his credit. This alien bar gives you a feel of being in an alien land and it make you feel out of the world.

Hobbit House Bar

Hobbit House Bar can be claimed to be distinguished among all the bars in the world if the service staff of the bar is concerned. The bar is located in Manila, Philippines and the service staffs of the bar are dwarves. Starting from the entrance till the cashier, everyone is a dwarf and they are quite supportive and courteous while serving you. You may have a pleasure experience by visiting this bar. The bar offers a very different ambience as the bar is completely dark and smoke-filled. They offer varieties of beer in this bar.


Chillout is the first ever ice lounge established in the middle-east. The complete restaurant is designed with ice. Even the furniture of the restaurant is made of ice. The benches, chairs, tables, dishes and almost everything is made of ice here.

Casa Pocho

Casa Pocho is a bar in Spain that does not differ from other bars if structure or construction of the bar is concerned. The difference lies in the concept of the bar. It is an innovative concept on which the bar functions. It serves free beer to the recession-hit customers provided the customer succeeds in insulting the bartenders. This concept was brought to existence by the co-owner of the bar, Bernard Mariusz. He wanted to make people feel relaxed during hard economic times.

Clinic Bar

The Clinic bar in Singapore functions on a unique theme. The interiors of the bar are designed as that of the interiors of a hospital. The bar is located in the indoor shopping and entertainment area of Clarke Quay. The bar is designed by Damien Hirst. The bar includes syringes, drips, test tubes and other medical paraphernalia as props to bring out the feeling of being in a hospital. The drinks are served in the IV bags. This place is a perfect one for the people who wish to enjoy in a different and offbeat way.

Zetors Bar

The Zetors Bar is located in Finland and has many tractors as a part of the interiors of the bar. This bar provides you an opportunity to sit on the tractors and enjoy your drinks with your friends or partner.

Eternity Bar

This bar is based on the concept of eternal peace that can be found only after death. So the Eternity bar is housed inside a coffin-shaped construction. It is believed to help people in overcoming their sorrows and attain mental pace for some time with the intoxication of varieties of alcohol.

DM Bar

The DM bar is devoted entirely to Depeche Mode. The walls of the bar have the pictures of the members of the band. The specialty of the bar lies in the quality of music played in the bar. The music is played from the starting time of the day till the day ends. It does not have a break or pause while playing. Music lover can find paradise in this bar.

June Barugh’s Bar

Probably, it would be the most unusual and glamorous location where the June Barugh’s bar is located. The bar is actually located in the garage of the 52 year old woman who later denied the existence of any functional bar in her garage.

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